How Globalization can cause fundamental

The Critical Review of How Globalization can cause fundamental
Curriculum changes: An American perspective
(Leonard J. Waks (2003). How Globalization can cause fundamental Curriculum
changes: An American perspective, H., Brown, P., Dillabough, J.A., & Halsey, A.H.
Education, Globalization & Social Change (pp.835-848 ). New York, United Sates:
Oxford United Press.)
The author’s emphasizes on the impact of globalization toward business
competitions among multinational enterprise and the school education systems as a
whole. The author also pointing out, the positive and negative impact created by the
changes in the daily curriculum and the outcome in order to compete with other country.
He argues that globalization will cause fundamental changes rather than incremental
In the business world the cross border trade and direct foreign investment and
global integration of product markets has increased immensely due to globalization.
Many multinational firm are force to change there ways of working and producing their
products. In the past, American companies have set the prices for mass produced goods
way above world levels creating huge profits and benefits for the company. No one can
compete with these companies because of the technology and the available funds to
produce. But at present many of the developing nations have gain more market shares
due to the low-wage high skill workers producing a better product faster than those of
American manufacturer with half the cost. This has affect many American firm greatly
which has resulted in many company downsizing and reorganizing of the company and
reengineered their work systems to include worker participation in cross functional teams
using knowledge and information in respond to the global market opportunities. They
also ask the government for a trade protection measures, loans, and reductions of federal
corporate taxes to help lowering the production prices to compete with the other country.
But this has resulted in a social inequalities and environmental destruction in many
The education system in the USA was considered the best in the world by far and
very reputable. People from around the world would come to America to be educated in
local school and university. But now many countries around the world had surpassed the
USA in all academic area whether it was math, science or history and technological
where innovation is being overtaken. American student was in the last place for a number
of years when it come world academic test. So the government started an education
reform, where teacher and community members are granted with professional autonomy
through site-based management and school choice. All the curriculums in school are
revise and new way of teaching contents are proposed so that the level between each
school becomes the standardized. The government proposed an intensification of the
academic curriculum, more required courses in science, mathematics, and computer
literacy and imposition of world class standard monitored with standardized tests. The
result was not unsatisfied and unsuccessful because the day to day practice did not
change the original curriculum.
Globalization will continue to expand and more changes will occurs. This
increase will affect the curriculum within the social community resulting in more global
competition in both business and education system. If all industry apply knowledge to
knowledge to create new knowledge and information and combine it this will create new
products and services and be able to be more competitive The future for the individual,
company, and country is centered on the ability to adapt to new foundation create in the
new era.
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