September 2002 - Information Technology Planning Board

IT Communications Executive Overview
Purpose of Communications Plan:
 Introduce the five Areas of Emphasis
 Raise campus awareness of Areas of Emphasis, directions and goals
 Launch planning process for IT strategic plan
 Solicit input and feedback for fine-tuning the IT strategic vision
 Create a collaborative mechanism for understanding various initiatives and
projects currently being done that relate to Areas of Emphasis
 Implement in multiple phases that overlap in time
 Create modular materials that can be used in different ways to several audiences
 Use multiple media to deliver message – print, electronic, presentations
Phase I: Build the Message (Agreed upon)
 Create overall vision
 Craft Areas of Emphasis, directions and goals
Phase II: Build the Materials (In Progress)
 Print Materials (booklet, campus news stories, cover letters)
 Online Materials (OIT web, iCompass web, ITPB web)
 Presentation Materials (PowerPoint presentation, overview script/talking points)
 Student-focused summary
Phase III: Distribute the Message/Create Feedback Mechanism (In Progress)
 Websites made live with ongoing updates
 Booklet and cover letter are distributed
 Print stories are published
 Presentations are made
 Email address is established for feedback
Phase IV: Incorporate Feedback into the Planning Process (Not begun)
 Process is established to log, summarize and discuss feedback
 Monthly feedback reports given at ITPB meetings
ITPB Communications Plan
Phase V: Ongoing Updates (Not begun)
 Print stories continue to be written and published
 Web updates are made
Phase VI: Implementation Plan (Not begun)
 Five Areas of Emphasis are implemented
 Strategic Plan is developed from the IT Vision
This packet includes a detailed plan for communicating the Five Areas of Emphasis and
IT Strategic Vision. The appendices to this document are:
Appendix 1 - Summary timeline of all activities.
Appendix 2 - Presentation delivery plan and timeline.
Appendix 3 - Printing and distribution and costs for Vision Booklet,
cover letters, and Student Summary.
ITPB Communications Plan
Information Technology Planning Board IT Communications Plan
(July 29, 2002)
The purpose of this communications plan is:
to introduce the five Areas of Emphasis that comprise UCLA’s IT strategic vision
to raise campus awareness of the IT Areas of Emphasis, directions, and goals
to publicly launch the planning process for UCLA information technology
strategic plan
to solicit input and feedback for fine-tuning the Areas of Emphasis
to create a collaborative mechanism for understanding various initiatives and
projects currently being done in departments, schools, and divisions that relate to
the Areas of Emphasis.
The overall strategy is to employ multiple media to deliver the IT strategic vision over
the next academic year to various UCLA audiences. The primary audiences are faculty,
deans and directors, students, and IT professionals. The materials to be developed for
this plan are modular so that they can be used with different audiences at different times.
This plan has six phases, which will overlap in their implementation. Some phases have
already been launched. The phases are:
Phase I –
Phase II –
Phase III –
Phase IV –
Phase V –
Phase VI –
Build the Message (Areas of Emphasis)
Build the Materials (print, online, and presentation)
Distribute the Message (multiple media approach)
Incorporate Feedback (multiple feedback loops)
Ongoing Updates
Build the Implementation Plan (result of planning process)
In this phase, the ITPB crafted the five Areas of Emphasis and the attendant goals and
 Status: The vision has been agreed upon by the ITPB.
In this phase, the materials to introduce the Areas of Emphasis to the campus are being
created. Content is being created for print, online, and presentation materials.
ITPB Communications Plan
A. Print Materials:
A.1. Booklet - The primary aspect of the print materials is the IT Strategic Vision
booklet. The booklet outlines the five Areas of Emphasis, scenarios on how the Areas
will focus IT infrastructure and projects on campus, and a mechanism for feedback.
Booklet Distribution – There should be 7,500 copies of the booklet printed initially. It
should be distributed as follows:
to faculty as a mailing with a cover letter (3,000)
on-campus to deans and directors with cover letter (2,500)
to other groups and departments that receive PowerPoint presentations (1,500)
extras (500)
Note: The booklet will also be available online (see below).
Status: The booklet is currently being refined and edited by an external editor
and page layout specialist. It will be completed by mid-August for final review at
the August 29 ITPB meeting. With final ITPB approval the booklet will be
distributed in October 2002 (see timeline).
A.2. Booklet Cover Letters – A cover letter, signed by ITPB leadership, should be
crafted and customized for each audience that receives the information through mail
services (primarily faculty and deans and directors).
Status: Not begun.
A.3. Student Summary –A one page summary version of the IT Vision booklet aimed
directly at students and distributed at CLICC.
Status: Not begun.
A.4. Campus news features - Stories will be run in UCLA Today, the Daily Bruin, and
the hardcopy version of iCompass. The first story in each publication will explain the IT
strategic vision and outline the five Areas of Emphasis, goals and directions. Subsequent
stories will focus on IT projects that illustrate the Areas of Emphasis.
Status: An initial overview of the five Areas of Emphasis ran in the April 2002
hardcopy issue of iCompass. UCLA Today has agreed to run a series of stories
along with a special logo to identify all IT strategic vision stories.
B. Online Materials:
There are three websites (iCompass, ITPB and OIT) that will be used to convey the IT
strategic vision and solicit feedback on the vision. Each will be used to optimize a
ITPB Communications Plan
specific message that best suits the particular website and will link to each other in order
to create a cohesive redundancy.
B.1. iCompass Website – The iCompass website has been completed (see This site will be used to deliver ongoing, news information
about the IT strategic vision and to stimulate ongoing discussion and awareness. The
strategy is to launch one story as an overview of the IT strategic plan and follow up with
ongoing stories that focus on interesting IT initiatives and projects that link back to the IT
strategic plan.
Status: An initial story on the five Areas of Emphasis has run on the iCompass
website. A feature outlining the main points of the strategic vision booklet, the
purpose, and the creation process will run on the iCompass website in October
2002. Subsequent, project-focused stories will run December 2002 through April
B.2. ITPB Website – This website will be the “keeper of the vision” and all information
about the IT strategic planning process. It will include:
Information on the planning process and development of the booklet
Downloadable version of the booklet
Feedback mechanism
Status: The five Areas of Emphasis have been posted on this site (See Other materials will be posted this summer, as they are created and
approved by the ITPB.
B.3. Office of Information Technology (OIT) Website – The purpose of this website is
to manage and publish the planning and process documents related to projects and
initiatives that further the five Areas of Emphasis.
Content will include:
Detailed planning documents that describe different projects, associated costs, and
assessment criteria
Process charts on how decisions, prioritizations, and implementation of the plan
are done
How the Areas of Emphasis will be resourced
Projects and Initiatives categorized under related Areas of Emphasis
Personalized messages from ITPB leadership about the IT vision
Feedback mechanism for input on the plan.
Status: The basic look and feel of this website has been created, along with initial
buttons and preliminary content. (See Full content for the website
will be created after the completion and approval of the Vision Booklet. The page will
go live in September 2002.
ITPB Communications Plan
C. Presentation Materials:
These will be a PowerPoint presentation and script that can be customized by the
presenter for specific audiences. IT managers and deans should be encouraged to make
this presentation an agenda item for their staff meetings, and the offer should be made for
ITPB members to make the presentation. The presentation will:
Be presentable in 20 minutes
Explain the Areas of Emphasis and their relevance to the campus
Illustrate the Areas with related projects
Relate the Areas to the specific audience being addressed
Set priorities for the specific audience
Elicit questions from the audience
Status: A script for this presentation has been outlined, but major development should
happen during mid-to-late summer. The presentation should be available for review by
Sept. 1, 2002 and for delivery by late September.
In this phase, the materials created in Phase II should be in full deployment. Feedback
mechanisms should be put into play, and a compilation of feedback should be delivered
to and discussed by the ITPB at each meeting.
Booklet should be distributed according to timeline (Appendices 1, 3)
Websites should be live and updated as outlined
Stories should be written and published according to timeline (see Appendix 1)
Presentations should be scheduled and made (see Appendix 2)
Presentations by ITPB Leadership and Membership:
The primary presentation team includes Chris Foote, Alfonso Cardenas, and Jim Davis.
Other ITPB members as well as IT leadership should also be available to present the
vision to their specific departments and groups.
Audience – The following groups have been identified, with suggested message-delivery
mechanisms. The Vision Booklet should only be distributed after presentations are made
(with the Vision Booklet as handouts) to various constituencies. The following order and
presenters are suggested.
University Leadership (Presentation with Vision Booklet as handout)
1. Chancellor/Executive Vice Chancellor (Chris Foote, Alfonso Cardenas, Jim
ITPB Communications Plan
Professional Deans (Jim Davis)
Executive Committee (Chris Foote, Alfonso Cardenas, Jim Davis)
College Deans (Brian Copenhaver, Alfonso Cardenas)
Academic Senate (Chris Foote, Alfonso Cardenas)
ITPB Member Departments (Presentation with Vision Booklet as handout)
ITPB members should present the Vision (using the PowerPoint presentation) to their
own departments. These presentations should begin in December 2002.
IT Groups (Presentation with Vision Booklet as handout)
Campus Computing Council – CCC (Tom Phelan)
Computing Support Coordinators - CSC (Jim Davis)
Common Systems Group CSG (Jim Davis)
Information Technology Management Group (Jim Davis)
CLICC representatives (Marsha Smith)
Faculty (Vision Booklet mailed)
Booklet with cover letter signed by ITPB leadership will be sent through campus mail
in October 2002.
Students (Vision Booklet summarized in one page handout)
Summary will be available in CLICC labs in November timeframe.
General Campus (UCLA Today, iCompass, Daily Bruin Stories):
UCLA Today, iCompass, and Daily Bruin stories will be published.
Feedback Mechanism: An email address should be established (suggest: [email protected])
and widely distributed to solicit questions, concerns, and ideas about the strategic vision.
The feedback address will be included on printed materials and published stories, on all
websites, and on the PowerPoint presentation. Meetings and presentations should allow
time to proactively solicit feedback. Feedback will be regularly summarized with
ongoing updates at the monthly ITPB meetings.
Feedback should be logged, summarized, distributed and a 15-minute discussion put on
the agenda for each ITPB meeting beginning in November 2002. (Esther Woo-Benjamin
will facilitate.)
ITPB Communications Plan
Includes OIT website updates and stories in iCompass, UCLA Today, and Daily Bruin.
At this phase, the five Areas of Emphasis should be accepted and used as the common
framework for information technology projects and initiatives at UCLA. For each Area
of Emphasis, there will be in place a Project and Process Plan wherein all projects are
moved through: conceptualizion, planning, resourcing, prioritization, review and
evaluation. New projects will continue to be added into this process over time.
Additionally, presentations to campus groups will be ongoing, stories and website
updates will be ongoing, and feedback will continue to be compiled and incorporated into
the planning/implementation process.
ITPB Communications Plan
Appendix 1
IT Strategic Vision/Plan Communications Timeline
July/August 2002
Finish IT Strategic Vision Booklet
Develop content for OIT website
Create PowerPoint Presentation
Write Faculty Cover Letter
September 2002
Send IT Strategic Vision Booklet to Printers
Present Plan to Academic Senate Leadership
Present Plan to Chancellor/EVC
Begin to Present Plan to IT Groups
Make OIT Website live with project descriptions, planning documents, associated
costs and assessment criteria
Update ITPB Website with IT Vision Materials
October 2002
Mail IT Strategic Vision Booklet and Cover Letter to Faculty
Publish iCompass web feature (main points of plan)
Publish iCompass newsletter overview
Continue to Present Plan to Leadership
Continue to Present Plan to IT Groups
November 2002
Publish UCLA Today article
Publish Daily Bruin story
Distribute Student Summary
Present Plan to Academic Senate Legislative Committee
Present Plan to CLICC
December 2002
Publish iCompass web update – overview of Areas of Emphasis
Begin to run Area of Emphasis Feature Stories on iCompass web
ITPB Communications Plan
Present Plan to Academic Senate Standing Committees
Present Plan to ITPB Member Departments
January 2003 – June 2003
Consolidate Feedback into a Status report
Present Feedback Reports at Monthly ITPB Meetings
Consolidate Feedback into IT Strategic Planning
Create and Post Updated Messages for Websites
Write and Publish ongoing iCompass Web Features
ITPB Communications Plan
Appendix 2
Information Technology Strategic Vision
Presentation Schedule
Suggested Meeting/Month
Jim Davis
Aug. 6, 2002 *
Chris Foote, Alfonso
Cardenas, Jim Davis
Early September 2002
Chris Foote, Alfonso
Cardenas, Jim Davis
Tom Phelan
Early September 2002
Jim Davis
Jim Davis
September 2002 (Meeting
date to be determined)
Sept. 25, 2002
Chris Foote, Alfonso
Cardenas, Jim Davis
September 2002 (Meeting
date to be determined)
Jim Davis
Chris Foote, Alfonso
Cardenas, Jim Davis
Brian Copenhaver; Alfonso
Jim Davis
Oct. 8, 2002
Dark for summer; Fall
schedule not yet set
October 2002
Chris Foote, Alfonso
Cardenas, Jim Davis
Marsha Smith
Nov. 12, 2002
ATS Staff
Academic Senate
Leadership (Chair, vice
Campus Computing
Council (CCC)
Computing Support
Coordinators (CSC)
Common Systems Group
Executive Computing
Committee (ECC)
Sept. 19, 2002
Professional Deans
Executive Committee &
Executive Staff
College Deans
Information Technology
Management Group
October 2002
Academic Senate
Legislative Assembly
ITPB Communications Plan
Nov. 19, 2002
Academic Senate Standing
Committees (see below)
ITPB Home Departments
ITPB Membership
December 2002
ITPB Membership
December 2002 through
February 2003
*Draft version to begin to gather reaction from audiences.
Academic Senate Committees
Academic Freedom
Academic Personnel
Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Education Abroad
Faculty Research Lectureship
Faculty Welfare
Graduate Council
Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures
Intercollegiate Athletics
Planning & Budget
Privilege & Tenure
Research-Faculty Grants Program
Rules & Jurisdiction
Undergraduate Admissions & Relations w/Schools
Undergraduate Council
Undergraduate Council – Committee on Honors, Awards & Prizes
University Emeriti
University Extension
State Assembly
ITPB Communications Plan
Appendix 3
Printing/Distribution Estimates
Printing Process and Time
 Camera-ready copy submission begins process
 Press proof/blueline – 5 days later
 Finished product – 5 days after proof is Oked
 Suggested print run – 7,500
Distribution Mechanisms
 Campus Mailing Faculty
 Campus Mailing – Deans & Directors
 Hand-outs
 Extras
Printing Estimates (according to standard press runs; tax and shipping not
Eight-page, self-cover, color booklet
copies (recommended)
One-page cover letter and envelope for mailing
Faculty only
On Campus Deans and Directors only
$ 570
Mailing Estimates (according to Campus Mailing Services)
Faculty only
On Campus Deans & Directors only
$ 950
Initial print-run of 5,000 black and white
TOTAL ESTIMATE – recommended
ITPB Communications Plan
$ 500
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