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Support Centre for Informatics and Statistics to procure online interaction
software (video conference software).
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MARD/FSPS- II STOFA/2010/4.3.2
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10hrs on 06/09/2010
Mr. Lai The Hung, STOFA component Deputy Director
Mobile: 0912 390 411
STOFA component office, No2 Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi
Developing online interaction software (video conference software) for
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
1.1 The initial stage of the Fisheries Sector Programme Support (FSPS) jointly
sponsored by Danida and Vietnam Ministry of Fisheries commenced from January
2000 to December 2005 and consisted of the 5 following components:
1. Strengthening of Fisheries Administration
2. Support to Freshwater Aquaculture
3. Support to Brackish water and Marine Aquaculture;
4. Seafood Export and Quality Improvement Programme;
5. Support to Industry Restructuring and Enterprise Development
FSPS phase II is expected to be implemented from January 2006 to December
2010 with the following development objective:
The less priviledged parts of rural population engaged in fisheries activity benefit
from sustainable and economic development of the fisheries sector.
FSPS phase II consisted 4 following components:
1. Strengthening of Fisheries Administration (STOFA)
2. Strengthening of Capture Fisheries Management (SCAFI)
3. Sustainable Development of Aquaculture (SUDA)
4. Strengthening Capacities of Post-harvest and Marketing (POSMA)
1.2 The necessity of development of MARD online interaction software:
It is planned that MARD will conduct regular online interaction (bi-annually) with
enterprises and farmers in order to answer their inquiries with regard to policies
and regime that support their production and trade activities. Emergency
interaction may also be conducted if needs be.
In 2008, MARD successfully developed an online interaction software at the
address: and conducted the first online interaction session
on March 20, 2009 which received wide participation of and positive responses
from enterprises leading to amounting desire from enterprises to interact more
with the Ministry.
However, this software only enables interaction in form of text communication,
not audio and video interactions. Moreover, this software was separately
developed from the MARD web portal so that it fails to fulfill requirements to
interact online via MARD web portal.
In 2009, with support from FSPS II – STOFA Component, MARD upgraded its
web portal under the platform of Microsoft certified technology of Sharepoint
2007 (which well supports online conference in various forms). Therefore, the
development of video conference software to be integrated into MARD newly
upgraded web portal, is necessary and relevant and this makes investment for
upgrading the web portal more effective.
The structure (initial) of the video conference software includes:
- Section enabling interactions between MARD Departments with readers;
- Section enabling interactions between 63 provincial Departments of Agriculture
and Rural Development with users.
Objective of consultancy is to supply an off – the- shelf online communication
software including configuration, installment and integration of the software (into
MARD web portal) and training MARD staff on utilization of the software so that
interactions among MARD leadership, MARD Departments and DARDs and/or
between them with other users are possible. The software must include interaction
functions in various forms (text, audio, video, online meetings/workshops, online
image broadcasting, data sharing) and be integrated in MARD web portal.
Units covered by consultancy:
MARD Departments as stipulated in the Decree No 75/2009/NĐ-CP:
1. Dept. of Planning;
2. Dept. of Finance;
3. Dept. of Science, Technology and Environment;
4. Dept. of International Cooperation;
5. Dept. of Organization and Personnel;
6. Dept. of Legislation;
7. Ministry Inspectorate;
8. Ministry Administration Office;
9. General Dept. of Forestry;
10. General Dept. of Fisheries;
11. General Dept. of Irrigation;
12. Dept. of Crop Production;
13. Dept. of Plant Protection;
14. Dept. of Livestock;
15. Dept. of Animal Health;
16. Dept. of Processing and Trade of Agro-forestry-Fisheries products and Salt
17. Dept. of Construction Management;
18. Dept. of Cooperatives and Rural Development;
19. National Agro-forestry-fisheries Quality Assurance Department;
20. Centre for Informatics and Statistics;
21. National Centre for Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation;
22. National Centre for Agriculture and Fisheries Extension;
23. Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper;
24. Vietnam Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Provincial Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development: 63 Depts. in
63 provinces and centrally run cities.
Output 1:
MARD online interaction software:
3.1 Requirements of the software:
To ensure harmony of the proposed software with the existing MARD web portal
(, consultantancy provider is required to procure the Microsoft
off-the-shelf software - Office Communications Server 2007, Enterprise 2007
version or another similar software that is more powerful and able to be integrated
into Sharepoint 2007.
The software enables interactions between MARD leadership, MARD
Departments and DARDs with other users (enterprises and individuals) in all
interaction forms (text, audio, visual transmission, data-sharing and live
broacasting of interaction sessions or speeches by MARD leaders).
The software enables MARD to control Question & Answer processes, performing
the web-based question receiving and answer delivering functions with built - in
text and audio transmission and image –sharing tools.
The software must fulfill all aspects of an online interaction session:
receiving questions from users;
handling and distributing the questions to relevant units/persons; and
receiving the answers;
allowing person in charge to review (censor) the answers and send them
back to the answerers if the answers are not up to requirements;
posting the answers online if they are up to requirement of the censor;
consolidating results of the interaction sessions; and compile them by topics
and by units/persons who answer questions;
The software is able to prevent echos, as well as transmit the data via projector or
cell phones if needs be.
The software must match with IT infrastructure of MARD and DARDs.
3. 2. Interface: the software interface is required to be aesthetic and in harmony
with the MARD web portal.
3.3. License: CIS will be the license holder of the software.
Consultant(s) must take following issues into account:
To study current online interaction system of MARD in order to
successfully integrate the new software with additional features, i.e. audio
and video interactions;
To consider integrating the software as an integral part of the web portal so
that any users who wish to conduct interactions online can only do so via
MARD web portal.
Output 2: tranfer the software and provide instructions on how to use the
software to the Centre for Informatics and Statistics, i.e. instructions on technical
and content administration.
Analyze the objectives of the online interaction system and study
information inputs (provided by CIS) on time frame, budget and human
resouces in order to make a plan on allocation of human and financial
resources over time to ensure feasibility of the system.
Procure off- the – shelf software, build interface for online interaction,
install and integrate the software in MARD web portal with following
steps: (1) Procure a Microsoft off-the-shelf software, i.e. Microsoft Office
Communications Server 2007, Enterprise 2007 version; (2) Build interface
and functions to fulfill online interaction requirements of MARD as
mentioned above; (3) configurate, install and integrate the software in
MARD web portal; (4) test and adjustment of the software so that it can
fulfill requirements of MARD; (5) training and transfer of technology.
Conduct a meeting with CIS to comment, evaluate and approve the
outcomes of consultancy work.
Activity 1 (corresponding to Output 1): Procure a Microsoft off-the-shelf
software, i.e. Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Enterprise 2007
Configurate and install the software to fulfill online interaction
requirements of MARD;
Conduct trial test to assess each module in terms of functions, userfriendliness and potentials for integration and extension…
Organize a meeting to get feedbacks for the software and make adjustment
Activity 2 (corresponding to Output 2): Training on operation of the software
which includes the following activities:
Provide manuals on how to install and operate the software;
Deliver training for CIS staff on instalment, use and administration of the
software (1 course);
Deliver training for subordinate Departments in MARD/DARDs to use the
Activity 3 (corresponding to Output 2): transfer of the software.
Transfer to CIS staff all documents related to the software such as:
Software licence, manuals on instalment and use of the software…etc
which are provided together with the software;
Hand over the instalment disk and source code of the software to CIS.
Consutants must have practical experience on assisting ministries/sectors with
designing online interaction software operating in Sharepoint platform.
Consultant(s) must provide a group of consultants with IT expertise and
experience in designing and using softwares for development of web portal;
Consultants must have good command of English so that they can work directly
with foreign experts and write reports in English.
The assignment related to procurement of the off-the-shelf software, installment,
integratation and training on operation of the software for MARD will be
implemented as soon as STOFA Component signs a contract with the
consultant(s). Schedule for the assignment is expected to be as follows:
- Invitation for bid submission: August 24th to September 3rd of 2010;
- Bid evaluation: September 6th to 10th of 2010;
- Contract negotiation and signature: September 13th to 24th of 2010;
- Software instalment, testing and approval: October 1st to 31st of 2010;
- Training and handover of software and related documents: November 1st to 15th,
- Clearance of payment procedures: November 15th to 30th, 2010.
Upon completion of each output, consultant(s) will have responsibility to report in
writing to CIS and STOFA management board of the work conducted,
achievements and constraints as well as recommendations and schedule for
completion of the task (based on the work plan prepared by consultant(s) and
approved by CIS and STOFA). The consultant(s) may report whenever they find it
necessary to resolve arising problems to ensure the quality and progress of activity
Consultant(s) shall submit the final report (in both English and Vietnamese) to CIS
and STOFA management in hard copies and soft copies (Microsoft Word, Excel)
by November 15th, 2010. The report should cover all contents as mentioned in the
output Section.
All materials and data collected in consultancy process are property of MARD and
will only be copied and/or reproduced with the permission from MARD.
Inputs provided by STOFA Component: costs as mentioned in the tenders.
Inputs provided by CIS:
1. Organizational structure of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;
and Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development;
2. Relevant documents related to the current MARD online interaction system;
3. Hardwares and Internet infrastructure on which the software will be installed
and tested;
4. Requirements of MARD online interaction system to be built.
Responsibilities of CIS, STOFA and consultant(s) are defined in sections 3 – 9 of
this TOR.
Additionally, responsibilities to implement some specific tasks in this consultancy
work are specified as follows:
Mr. Nguyen Viet Chien, CIS Director, shall have overall responsibility in
implementing the assignement.
A working team consisting of the following members shall be responsible for
providing guidance and monitoring of the progress of task and for prioritizing
inputs and design options during the working process:
1. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong – Head of website management Division, CIS;
2. Tran Anh Phuong – Head of web management and development Division,
3. Chu Diem Hang – Vice head of website management Division, CIS;
4. Phu Đinh Hai – web administrator.
Prepare detailed working plan
Study the current system
Propose technical solutions
Design interface
Conduct meeting for appraisal and
Conduct training and transfer of
Responsibilities of CIS:
 Print and distribute materials and documents
 Convene the working team; staff from CIS and other MARD Departments
as defined in Activity 1 & 2 of Section 5 in this TOR;
 Contact with relevant Departments (based on the work plan prepared by
consultants and approved by CIS and STOFA in Section 5 of this TOR) so
that consultant(s) can exchange information in order to fulfil the outputs.
 Take a lead in conducting the meeting as defined in Activity 1 in Section 5,
which include the following: arranging the meeting hall in MARD; drafting
agenda; sending invitation letter; leading the meeting.
During the consultancy period, national consultant(s):
 Is/are responsible for taking out professional liability, and health, accident
and travel insurance policies covering the entire training period;
 Must pay personal income tax, as required by the law of Vietnam, on any
money and allowances received;
 Is responsible for arranging all transport and this should be accurately
estimated on signing the contract;
 Will arrange (use own, rent or borrow) the use of a portable computer for
the entire training period and will be solely responsible him/herself for
backing up, prevention of virus attack and the integrity of any data
collected; and
 Must budget for and arrange translation of all documents produced during
the consultancy period.
Necessary documents for the consultant(s) to undertake the tasks:
Decision issued by Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on
establishing the Ministry web portal.
- Law on Informatic technology;
- Decree No 01/2008/ND-CP dated January 3, 2008 by the Government
stipulating functions, responsibilities, authority and organizational
structure of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;
Decision No 48/2008/QD-BNN&PTNT dated March 21, 2008
stipulating functions, responsibilities, authority and organizational
structure of the Centre for Informatics and Statistics;
Order No 58/CT-TW dated October 17, 2000 by the Polit Bureau on IT
application in the State and Party agencies for the period 2001-2005.
Other relevant documents on organization and implementation of IT and
library actitivies issued by the Government and/or by Ministry of
Agriculture and Rural Development.
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