Endangered Species Act – Summary

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Endangered Species Act – Summary
Directions: Please read the article available at the web address shown below and answer the
following questions, which cover the basic operation of the Endangered Species Act.
1. When did U.S. Congress pass the Endangered Species Act?
2. Which federal agencies administer the Endangered Species Act?
3. Under the Endangered Species Act, organisms can be classified as “endangered” or
“threatened”. Describe what is meant by each classification.
4. What 5 factors are considered when evaluating a species for listing as endangered or
5. What are “candidate species” and why are we interested in taking steps to protect these
6. For a species listed by the Endangered Species Act, it is illegal for a person to “take” that
species without a permit. What is meant by “take”?
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7. What is the ultimate goal of listing a species under the Endangered Species Act?
8. What are “critical habitats” according to the Endangered Species Act and how are they
9. What are Habitat Conservation plans and how do they benefit organisms?