Friday 19th September

Sharing Books
Dear Parents / Carers
Each week your child will choose a ‘Sharing Book’ to bring home. This book is for you
to read to your child.
Please feel free to comment in the yellow Reading Record to let me know how your
child enjoyed the book, whether they joined in or recognised any words etc. Your
child will swap their ‘Sharing Book’ once a week at school on a Monday. Please also
continue to enjoy borrowing books from your local library.
Please feel free to use the yellow Reading Record if you have any queries or
comments to make about any aspect of school / home. We do not always have time
each day to look through the Home Book so if have an urgent enquiry, please send in
a separate note.
Please remember that my door is also open and I am available to chat most
afternoons after school.
Thank you for your support
Mrs Brown