Cemetery Research Tips

Tips for the Researcher
The first place for a researcher to peruse is usually the cemetery of
burial. The goal is to find the year of death and hopefully, eventually, an
obituary, heirs, a probate record, a census record, and perhaps a land
record. All of these give valuable, albeit incomplete, information on the life
of the deceased.
The records of the Claridon Cemetery Clerk/Sexton have been
amended to include parents, spouse, and birth/death places. Bear in mind
that there is little documentation. Many of the additions are suppositions
based on being in the right time frame and place.
The usual problems of handwriting and spelling exist. In one
instance, one brother added an “s” to the surname while another brother
refused to do the same. The father’s record does not have an “s.” Another
example has part of the family as “Gould” and another part as “Goold.”
Any additions and corrections are welcome as the site will be
updated periodically.
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