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Composite Volcanoes
Popocatepetl- Located in Mexico, this stratovolcano is Mexico’s
second largest peak. It is approximately 730,000 years old. Its elevation is
5,040 meters. Popocatepetl has had more than 15 eruptions, beginning since
the Spanish arrived in 1519. After that, in 1947, a major eruption occurred.
The most recent eruption was earlier this year.
Mayon Volcano- Located in the Philippines, this volcano is also
known as “perfect cone” because of its symmetrical shape. It is the most
active volcano in the Philippines, having erupted more than 40 times. One of
the most destructive eruptions occurred in 1814, when the volcano spewed
out a lot of ash. The most recent eruption was in 2010.
Augustine Volcano- this volcano is located in Alaska. It has an
elevation of 1,260 meters. One eruption was in 1986, and the other one was
in 1994.The most recent one was in 2006, and it lasted for about 17 days,
starting from January 11 all the way to January 28.
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