Creative homework

Year 3 – Creative Homework
Volcanos – Rocks and Soils – Earthquakes - Romans
As part of this topic we would like you to help your child get involved at home. Choose 5 pieces of
homework. Complete 1 a week up until half term. Bring your completed homework into school to share with
the class. Team points will be awarded for each completed piece of homework.
Design an earthquake- proof
Create a project
house. How could you prevent
dictionary that
the building from collapsing
explains the key
during an earthquake?
volcano in your
Tell the story of the
day a volcano erupted.
own words.
Design a poster to
Cut up some
show a volcano’s
coloured magazine
main features.
paper and create
Make sure you
your own mosaic.
label the main part.
Make a model of a
Make a Roman
Roman chariot.
What is the
soldier shield.
Richter scale?
Make a sun dial and
use it to tell the time.
Draw a bird’s eye
view of your house
and back garden.
Research a volcanic eruption of
your choice. Produce a fact file
about the eruption including:
a. A sketch of map to
show its location.
b. A description of the
c. An explanation of
why it erupted.
d. Details about the
eruptions impact.
Find out about Roman
numerals. Create a poster
to display your findings.
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