List of Publications

Associate Director for the Cancer Imaging Program
Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health
Original Papers
1. Taylor KJW, Simeone J, Sullivan D, Rosenfield AT: Scintigraphy, ultrasound, and CT
scanning of the liver. Yale J Bio & Med 1977;50:437.
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Abstracts (Selected):
Soo MS, Kornguth PJ, Sullivan DC, Georgiade GS, Hooper DS. Accuracy of film-screen
Mammography and US in the evaluation of a consecutive series of surgically removed breast
prostheses. 79th Scientific Assembly of the RSNA, Radiology 1993.
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impact of patient position on the mammography experience. American Roentgen Ray Society
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reporting system to support clinical and research interests. SCAR. June 1994.
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impact on the accuracy and effectiveness of single interpretations. 81st Scientific Assembly of
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Editorials and Reviews:
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Lectures by Invitation (Selected):
February 12-16, 1990 - "Mammography: Differential Diagnosis" and "Mammography:
Technical Aspects and Quality Control of Film Screen Mammography," Postgraduate Course
Diagnostic Imaging, Dept. of Radiology, Duke University Medical Center, Orlando, FL
April 30, 1990 - "Mammography Review," Annual Radiology Review Course Duke Univ. Med.
Ctr., Research Triangle Park, NC
May 10, 1990 - "Pet scanning in the Evaluation of Psychiatric Disorders," University of Vermont
College of Medicine Burlington, VT
July 28, 1990 - "Mammography: Difficult Cases," Radiology Postgraduate Course,
Duke University Medical Center
October 15, 1990 - Fayetteville AHEC presentation on Mammography Lumberton, NC
November 2, 1990 - "Breast Cancer Screening: Mammography 1991" Ob-Gyn Grand Rounds,
Duke Univ. Med. Ctr., Durham, NC
April 7, 1991 - "Mammography, Parts I and II," Radiology Review Course Duke University
Medical Center, Durham, NC
May 10, 1991 - "Mammography: Trends, Issues and Accreditation" North Carolina Society of
Radiologic Technologists, Inc. Annual Meeting, Wilmington, NC
July 25, 1991 - "Mammography: Quality Assurance and ACR Accreditation" Duke University
Medical Center, Radiology Postgraduate Course North Myrtle Beach, SC
November 13-14, 1991 - "Potential Problems Posed by Presence of Implants" FDA Advisory
Panel: Washington, DC
-10February 27 -Mar. 7, 1992 - "Mammography Update: Technique and Quality Assurance" and
"Interventional Mammography Procedures" Duke-Mexico Postgraduate Course, Mexico City,
April 12, 1992 - "Secondary Signs of Malignancy, The Male Breast, Interventional
Mammography," Radiology Review Course, Durham, NC
July 31, 1992- "Mammographic Interventional Procedures" Duke Radiology Summer
Postgraduate Course, Myrtle Beach, SC
April 18, 1993 - Workshop: "Needle Core Breast Biopsy" The Society of Breast Imaging First
Meeting and Postgraduate Course, Amelia Island, FL
July 24, 1993 - "Mammography: Other Signs of Malignancy; The Male Breast; Interventional
Mammographic Procedures" Duke Radiology Review Course, Myrtle Beach, SC
August 1, 1993 - "Interventional Procedures in Mammography" Medical University of South
Carolina Charleston, SC
August 12, 1993 - "Differential Diagnosis in Mammography" Medical College of Virginia,
Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA
September 8, 1993 - "Stereotactic Breast Biopsy" Radiology Grand Rounds, Duke University
Medical Center, Durham, NC Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
October 10-15, 1993 - "Mammography Accreditation and Auditing: Issues and Answers;" "Case
Conference, Interesting and Unusual Mammograms;" "Mammographic Problems After Surgical
Alteration of the Breast" "Mammography Problem Solving: Difficult Patients/Difficult Lesions"
and "Needle Biopsy of Mammographic Lesions" 20th Annual Fall Symposium of Diagnostic
Imaging, Dept. of Radiology, D.U.M.C., Southampton Princess, Bermuda
April 6-9, 1994 - "Image Critique: ACR Viewpoint," " Interventional Breast Procedures" and
"Open Forum on Breast Imaging: Questions and Answers," 1994 Combined Conference NC
Society of Radiology Tech., Inc. Research Triangle Park, NC
April 14, 1994 - "Low Specificity Signs of Malignancy," Radiology Review Course
Duke Univ. Med. Ctr., Durham, NC
May 21, 1994 - "Interpretation of Screening Mammograms," Lee County Breast
Screening Project. Fort Myers, FL
June 13, 1994 - “Computer-Aided Breast Cancer Prediction: Integration of a Mammography
Findings Database with an Artificial Neural Network. Duke Univ. Med. Ctr., Durham, NC
December 15, 1994 - "Stereotactic Needle Core Breast Biopsy" Blue Ribbon Speaker, Roentgen
Ray Society, Philadelphia, PA
May 5, 1995 - "Analysis of Calcifications", Radiology Grand Rounds, Allentown, PA
May 12, 1995 - Workshop, "Challenging Cases" The Society of Breast Imaging Annual Meeting
and Postgraduate Course, Orlando, FL
May 21, 1995 - "Evaluating the Indeterminate Mammogram", Medical Staff Meeting, Brick, NJ
October 26, 1995 - "Challenges in Medical Imaging for Early Detection of Breast Cancer",
Department of Electrical Engineering, Colloquium Series, University of Pennsylvania
November 9, 1995 - "Stereotactic Core Needle Breast Biopsy", Department of Surgery, West
Jersey Health Systems, Voorhees, NJ
April 18, 1996 - “Breast Imaging”, Tumor Board Conference, Pocono Medical Center, East
Stroudsburg, PA
October 31 - November 2, 1996 - Practical Breast Imaging, Mammography Course, University of
Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
November 11, 1996 - MIPG Lecture, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia,
December 14, 1996 - “Stereotactic Core Biopsy”, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center,
Department of Surgery, Surgical Grand Rounds, Philadelphia, PA
January 9, 1997 - Evaluation of Mammographic Image Quality. North Carolina Chapter ACR.
Charlotte, NC
January 11, 1997 - Radiologic Pathologic Correlation of High Risk Lesions. North Carolina
Chapter ACR. Charlotte, NC
May 2, 1997 - Sonoelastography. Department of Health and Human Services. Multi-Agency
Consortium on Imaging Technologies to Improve Women’s Health -- Technology Transfer
Workshop on Breast Cancer Detection, Diagnosis, And Treatment. Washington, DC.
April 2, 2001 – “Molecular Imaging: Perspective from the NIH”, Theodore J. Castele M.D.
University Professor of Radiology Lecture. Case Western Medical Center, Cleveland, OH
April 3, 2001 – “How to get NIH funding for Imaging Research”, Radiology Grand Rounds
Lecture. Cleveland, OH
May 9, 2001 – “Challenges and Opportunities for In Vivo Molecular Imaging: The National
Cancer Institute Perspective” . Annual Redington Memorial Lecture. Duke University, NC
June 21, 2003 – “Unsolved Problems in In Vivo Imaging for Oncology”, Pendergrass
Symposium, University of Pennsylvania Department of Radiology, Philadelphia, PA.
Project Hope - Assessment Team. Breast cancer detection and treatment in Poland.
8/31/96 - 9/15/96.
Home Address:
14513 Cervantes Avenue
Darnestown, MD 20874
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