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14th January 2016
Dear Parent/Guardian,
In November 2015, the Minister for Education, Jan O' Sullivan announced
the approval of the new language curriculum for youngest primary school
children. The new curriculum will see the same structure applied to both
English and Irish for the first time. It will focus on the development of
oral language, reading and writing skills. The new curriculum is
specifically designed for young children in junior infants through to 2nd
class. A new curriculum for children in 3rd through to 6th class is
currently in preparation, and this will be introduced in September 2019.
Jan O’Sullivan announced “This is significant reform and is vital that
school leaders and teachers are given the necessary Continuous
Professional Development (CPD) to allow them to implement the new
curriculum and ensure that our young learners benefit to the maximum
extent. To facilitate this important professional development, schools
will close for one additional day in each of the next three school years.
While this may prove inconvenient for some parents the long-term
benefits of bedding down the new language curriculum are immense. The
success of any curriculum change relies on dedicated, engaged teachers.
It is important that they receive the CPD necessary to delivery this new
language curriculum to our young children”.
This month will see the introduction of this new curriculum to teachers
and it is because of this that NETNS will close at 12pm on Wednesday
27th of January.
We appreciate your understanding and support on this matter.
Kind regards,
Eimear Ní Chiardha