Sage Holistic Pet Foods:

Sage Holistic Pet Foods
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Sage is based on an ancestral diet, fresh food that is seasonal and organic from the earth, and
formulated to fuel all body systems. Sage supports the effective functioning of all organs.
Sage supports:
• digestion and assimilation of nutrients
• gentle detoxification (pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and cellular debris through bowel
movements to avoid toxic shock)
• Optimal functioning of all internal organs and meridians (zang fu jing luo -Chinese)
Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine models are used to formulate the seasonal nutrients that address
imbalances of yin yang. Sage pet foods contain ingredients which are anti-inflammatory, promote
circulation, relieve aches and pains of contractile tissues muscles fascia ligaments and tendons, and
create an internal environment that does not support the accumulation of phlegm, fungi or
unwanted bacteria. Sage also supports the immune system, and strong bones and teeth. Our
formula is a definitive model for the effective functioning of the whole body, internal organs and
Sage signature vegetables mimic a wild prey diet, with specifically formulated cultured (fermented)
nutrients. This ancient process of food preserving does far more then preserve. Fermenting breaks
down complex proteins into readily digestible amino acids, and improves the bio-availability of all
the nutrients present in the food.
Fermentation creates new nutrients through the fermenting process and provides friendly bacteria
and enzymes that aid digestion and fight disease by competing for receptor sites on the mucosal
lining of the intestine. Fermentation reduces or eliminates altogether potential toxins in food such
as natural sugars, oxalic acid, phytic acid, nitrites, and other potential toxic chemicals found in foods.
Eating fermented live foods is an incredibly healthy practice directly supplying the digestive tract
with living cultures essential to breaking down foods and assimilating nutrients.
It hasn’t taken long for our customers to see positive changes in their pets that have health
challenges. We are proud of the ever-increasing numbers of excited and grateful customers
benefiting from the wisdom in Sage. We are excited by the vitality and longevity potential we have
formulated in our foods, humbled and grateful for the loyal support of our customers, and the
benefit they and their animal companions are receiving.
At sage, we are committed to providing true, research-supported effective nutrition, proactive
research, and to deliver science supported, cutting edge nutritional wisdom. Preventative in nature,
health / balance seeking in action.
Sage: True Nutritional Wisdom
“Being the change we wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi