Requisition Module

Requisition Module
For Sage MIP Fund Accounting
The Microix Requisition Module was designed to eliminate the
cumbersome process of a manual requisition process by providing
an easy-to-use, cost effective and practical solution for employees
to create requests and submit them for approval. Microix
Requisition accommodates a variety of transaction types:
Requisition Processing
Purchase Order Processing
Employee Reimbursements
Payment Processing
• Invoices
• Check request
• ITA/Vouchers
Sage Requirements
 Fund Accounting 10.0 or higher
 Accounts Payable Module
 Encumbrance Module (Recommended
but not required) it is based on the type
of deployment)
 No additional Sage licenses are required
 Hosted or On-Site
 Client
• Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 or 64bit)
 Server
• SQL Server 2005/08 Express or Full
• Windows Server 2003/08
 Web Access
• Terminal/Citrix Server
Microix Workflow Engine help manage and monitor your business
processes. It allows the flow of work between individuals and/or
departments to be defined and tracked. Administrators can create
an unlimited number of workflows and uniquely configure them to
meet the needs of the organization.
Group employees based on departments, locations or categories
Define a multi-level approval process
Route documents based on value, categories or sequentially
Enforce other business rules
Limit vendor list
Budget warning
Account restrictions
Alternate approvers
Application Login
Connect to multiple Sage
Fund Accounting databases
Security database is
independent of Sage
Windows authentication is
System can retrieve forgotten
password and deliver it to the
user’s email address
Easy access via ribbon menus
Post global messages
Check the status of all your
submitted documents
Bar chart showing number of
documents awaiting approval
Chart showing top vendors
and items purchased
Data Entry
 Document numbers are preassigned
 COA, distribution codes and
vendor list are retrieved from
Sage database
 Allocate to multiple funding
 Validate available funds from
Sage General Ledger
 Add user defined fields to your
 Attach documents (PDF, Word ,
Excel and scanned images) and
transfer them to Sage
 Send approved document
directly to vendor via email
 Document audit trail
 Copy or create templates
Approval Process
 System automatically triggers
an email to notify the approver
 Approvers have access to a
summary list and can open
each document to view the
 Budget warning message if
funds are not available
 Review other approver changes
 Make corrections to the
document or re-route to the
employee for corrections
 Send email messages
 View attachments
 Add internal comments for
other approvers to view
 Assign substitutes when taking
planned leave of absence
View payments information
directly from Microix
View all open encumbrances
by vendor or user name
Budget Summary
Approver can view their entire
budget in real-time. Additionally,
Microix will display the total value of
all in-process documents
Available budgets are based on the
organization or funding source fiscal year. You
can have the system check the available funds
based on an annual budget or YTD
Forms Designer
Add company logo, electronic
signature, barcodes or redesign our
default forms
Design report layouts with multiple
groups and filter options. Reports
can be exported to excel or PDF
Transfer Options
Seamlessly transfer documents to
MIP as un-posted AP Invoices. You
can also restrict transfer if
documents are not received
Seamlessly transfer
documents to MIP as unposted encumbrances
Thank you for your time and interest in our products. If
you would like to see a live web demo, send us an
email at [email protected] or you can contact us
directly using our toll free number: 1-866-MICROIX