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Overseas Teachers of English – Creative Methodology and Language Skills
14–25 iunie 2010, Londra, Marea Britanie
Useful bibliography:
The following books are suggestions that may improve your teaching skills and others are resource materials which will
help you plan your lessons.
General Teacher Development
Richard JC and Rodgers TS: Approaches and Methods in LT (CUP 1986)
A review of approaches leading up to the communicative era.
Richard JC: The Language Teaching Matrix (CUP 1990)
An introduction to many of the key issues in ELT. Informed and practical references to classroom teaching.
Nunan D: Language Teaching Methodology: A text book for teachers (Prentice Hall 1991)
Describes communicative language teaching, and extensive practical exemplification.
Lewis M: The Lexical Approach (LTP 1993)
An interesting assessment of the nature and role of lexis and the implications of taking lexical items rather than
words and structures as the units of language.
Lightbown P and Spada N: How Languages are Learned (OUP 1993)
A review of recent research into language learning and its implications for teaching.
Bowen and Marks: Inside Teaching (Heinemann, 1994)
A range of activities and exercises to get the experienced teacher to reflect on her/his practice.
Willis and Willis: Challenge and Change in ELT (Heinemann 1996)
A collection of articles which summarise where we are in language teaching now.
Harmer J: The Practice of English Language Teaching (Longman 2001)
A useful general handbook which covers all areas in detail.
Overseas Teachers Course
Understanding Language
Parrott M: Grammar for English Language Teachers (CUP)
An experienced teacher who deals with grammar from the language teacher’s point of view. Also discusses
pronunciation and spelling issues related to grammar.
Bolitho R and Tomlinson B: Discover English (Heinemann)
As well as information about various major areas of grammar, this book also covers myths and misconceptions
about language.
Swan M: Practical English Usage (OUP)
Extremely thorough, indexed grammar book that tells you exactly why and when we use a structure.
Murphy R: English Grammar in Use (CUP)
This is the students’ grammar bible as it’s simple and easy for them to use
Hall N and Shepherd N: The Anti-Grammar Grammar Book (Longman)
Another book aimed at students rather than teachers, but a good introduction to/resource for guided discovery
work on grammar.
Teaching Vocabulary
Thornbury S: How to Teach Vocabulary (Longman)
This covers different aspects of vocabulary form and meaning and how words are learned. It also has ideas
about where to find good sources of vocabulary and how to teach it.
Lewis M: The Lexical Approach & Implementing the Lexical Approach (LTP)
The Lexical Approach was the book that brought Lewis to fame. Some very interesting ideas apart from the
basic idea that lexis is central to language learning. Implementing the Lexical Approach shows how teachers
can actually integrate the ideas into everyday classroom teaching.
Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary (Collins)
Based on the Collins Bank of English ® Corpus, which was the first corpus of actual English usage, which
revealed a lot of interesting information about what is common, natural and rare in everyday written and
spoken English.
Longman Wordwise Dictionary (Longman)
A good dictionary for lower level students. Has pages with colour pictures for various topics, like animals and
transport. Also contains exercises which help students use the dictionary effectively.
Longman Language Activator (Longman)
A combination of a learner’s dictionary and a thesaurus. Very useful for students to use when writing to ensure
they get the right word, but also helpful for teachers when trying to highlight the differences between similar
McCarthy M: English Vocabulary In Use (various levels) (CUP)
Essentially a good self-study book for students, but good for teachers too, as it identifies appropriate language
to teach at each level and has practice exercises too.
Welman G: Wordbuilder (Heinemann)
Lots of useful language for advanced students.
Workman G: Phrasal Verbs and Idioms (upper-intermediate/advanced) (Penguin)
Uses listening and reading texts to contextualise the vocabulary so that students can try to work the meanings
out for themselves. Also includes lots of practice exercises.
Hadfield J: Vocabulary Games (Longman)
Watcyn-Jones P: Vocabulary Games and Activities (Penguin)
O’Dell, F and Head K: Games for Vocabulary Practice (CUP)
These books provide practice activities for common vocabulary topics at a variety of levels.
Overseas Teachers Course
Hancock M:
Pronunciation Games (CUP)
Nearly all of the activities are useful and enjoyable for the students.
Hancock M:
English Pronunciation in Use (CUP)
Designed for students to use alone, but it can easily be adapted to use in class. Includes detailed work on
more difficult to teach features of pronunciation, such as intonation, features of connected speech, etc.
Underhill A:
Sound Foundations (Macmillan Heinemann)
Underhill provides a step-by-step approach to discovering the different areas of pronunciation, and also how
you can help learners to learn the sounds using the chart.
Kenworthy J: Teaching English Pronunciation (Longman)
Similar to the Underhill book, this gives information about features of English pronunciation and how to teach
them to students.
Hadfield J: Reading Games (Nelson)
This contains lots of enjoyable activities and takes a very communicative approach to practising students’
reading skills.
Mikulecky B and Jeffries L: Reading Power (Addison-Wesley)
A good book for low level students. It’s designed to help them with different reading skills, especially speed
reading. Lots of good ideas for how to get students interested in reading too.
Oxford R and Sokolik M: Tapestry (Heinle and Heinle)
There are books for all levels in the series, from elementary to advanced. They give lots of tips for reading and
language learning strategies and there’s online support and CNN video to supplement the texts.
Ur P: Teaching Listening Comprehension (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)
This discusses the issues and difficulties involved in listening in a foreign language and gives useful advice
about practise activities.
White G: Listening (OUP)
This is an activity-based book that has lots of interesting tasks you can do with your students to prompt
discussion on areas like becoming a good listener and listening sub-skills.
Bygate M: Speaking (OUP)
An interesting discussion of speaking and the methodologies associated with teaching it.
Wallwork A: Discussions A-Z (Intermediate and Advanced) (CUP)
If you want to give students topics to really get their teeth into, this book does it well. Lots of topics, with useful
input on the theme, including a listening cassette. Photocopiable.
Keller E and Warner S: Conversation Gambits (LTP)
Lots of useful phrases for students who want to know functional aspects like giving opinions, sympathising etc.
Includes some tasks which can easily be adapted to be a bit more interesting.
Overseas Teachers Course
Byrne D: Teaching Writing Skills (Longman)
This focuses on how different kinds of writing activities can be built into a coherent writing programme. It also
covers things like teaching handwriting, helping children with writing and correction of written work.
Hadfield J: Writing Games (Longman)
Quite old, but none the less it’s got some good ideas for (mainly) process writing, projects and ways to make
writing fun.
Tribble C: Writing (OUP)
An introduction to approaches to teaching writing. It has lots of ideas about how to teach different types of
language, for example academic writing.
Understanding your Learners
Revell, J and Norman, S In Your Hands (Saffire Press)
This book looks at the implications and uses for NLP in ELT. Interesting and enjoyable to read. Full of useful
Overseas Teachers Course
Useful Websites for English Language Teachers and Learners
Websites for Games & Activities
Multi skill activities for learners of all levels on GE and Business English
with audio and clickable answers, definitions, and chat rooms for
learners of English.
Virtual visit to London in Russian and English with reading, listening and
other multi skill activities for learners of English
Free online EFL courses, chat, games, Perfect your English documents
by working with their Personal Editors; correspond with English teachers
via email to get answers to English questions.
Free online EFL courses, chat, games, find a tutor to teach you English
on line, apply to be an on-line teacher of English.
Quizzes, puzzles and games.
Games and songs.
Word games, quizzes and proverbs.
Games and activities.
For upper intermediate and advanced learners.
Wide range of activities and services
Real English in context
Chat rooms for learners of English.
Chat with other students online.
BBC chat rooms and message boards on British and International
issues, for native and non-native speakers, including live celebrity chat.
Online discussions and info. National educational organisations linked
throughout Europe. Events and conference info.
Free chat; correspond with English teachers via email to get answers to
English questions.
Free chat, find a tutor to teach you English on line, and apply to be an
on-line teacher of English.
For English and Spanish language students.
Discuss writing with other writers.
Lots of good discussion lists for learners of English
Overseas Teachers Course
Business English with audio and clickable answer and definitions.
Business English course and discussion group for intermediate learners with help in Portuguese.
Business English course and discussion group for intermediate learners with help in Spanish.
A magazine for all English students
A magazine for business English students
A magazine for students with various levels of English
A magazine written by students.
ELT books and magazines reviewed and ranked by ELT teachers and
A magazine for students of English.
Dictionary, translator in 10 languages and currency converter free to
download, you can hear or see the words.
Dictionary, translation and a dictionary doctor to answer your questions.
Roget's Online thesaurus
Canadian site for 90 languages
Translation service
Downloadable translation
Plug in translator for Eudora users
Games and CD ROMs
Your tool for finding out about digital media.
Games and CD ROMs
This lets you add speech to PowerPoint to improve your pronunciation
On-line grammar for elementary students
Grammar clinic, reference and tests
Grammar reference form University of London
Go on a tour of London in Russian and English.
All about the UK.
Overseas Teachers Course
World issues for English students.
Famous quotes from literature.
Biographies of celebrities and an internet movie database
Biographies of celebrities
The AFU and Urban Legends archive
Talk to English teachers for free.
Try out tricky sounds.
This helps you to improve your pronunciation.
This helps you to improve your pronunciation.
A course for students of technical English
Writing tips.
How to write good compositions.
Writing activities for all levels.
Help with a wide range of text types.
On line writing lab
One of the best sets of links on the web
The top 500 search engines
Search engine of the Encyclopaedia Britannia.
Informative links for English students.
Directory of all the BBC's websites.
The University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate site for
information on KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE etc.
The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board
(LCCIEB) site for information on Business English and English for
International Tourism exams.
Trinity's spoken English examinations test students' ability to
communicate effectively in English.
TOEFL practice
IELTS information
TOEFL information
TOEIC information
Overseas Teachers Course
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