Module 1: Introduction to Wisconsin Standards for Learning

Curriculum Planning
Lesson Planning: Connect-Reflect
Activity-Personal Connection: Answer the following question and save it for
your professional development portfolio.
1. Thinking back to the unit with the lessons you'd like to revise, how would you
enhance those lessons based on what you have learned about how the brain
functions in language acquisition? (Review p163 of the Planning Curriculum for
Learning World Languages guide for a concise description entitled Lesson
Planning for Brain-Compatible World Language Acquisition.)
2. Now, thinking back to that same unit and lessons, answer the following questions
based on p181 of the Planning Curriculum for Learning World Languages guide's
description of Characteristics of Effective Foreign Language Instruction.
a. What is already done well in this lesson? Please describe.
b. How might you improve this lesson? Please describe.
c. What affect do you anticipate these changes make on student
performance? What evidence would you seek to demonstrate this?