Developmental Psychology Webquest

Psychology Webquest
1.Describe ways in which babies are able to communicate their needs and emotions even
though they are not able to speak until they are approximately 15 months of age.
Cognitive Development
Complete the Cognitive Development activitiy on Psychsim and send your
results to
Attachment Theory
2. What did Harlow’s research show about the attachment needs of rhesus
3. What happened to the monkey’s if they were deprived of their “mother?”
4. Define imprinting and critical period. How are they related?
5. Summarize Bowlby’s findings.
Read Language Acquisition and Mama Teached Me Talk to answer the following
6. Define “language.”
7. What is the difference between semantics and grammar?
8. What is a phoneme?
How many phonemes exist?
How many are used in the English language?
9. What is a morpheme? Give me 3 examples of a morpheme not on the
10. Explain Syntax.
11. Describe the following stages of language acquisition:
Babbling StageOne-Word StageTwo-Word Stage12. What is Parentese speech and how did is assist in language acquisition?
13. Summarize Chomsky’s theory of language acquisition.
14. Contrast Skinner’s theory of language acquisition to Chomsky’s.
15. Describe the successes and limitations of research done with teaching apes
human languages.
16. When is the critical period for language acquisition?
17. What are the ethical dilemmas in testing this theory?
Watch Koko communicate on Koko TV