NICU Procedure for Emergent Off

NICU Procedure for Emergent Off-Hours Ultrasound Exams
Decision to perform emergency off hours Ultrasound is made by mutual agreement
between BIDMC Neonatologist and CHB Radiologist.
Radiologist from Children’s pages the sonographer on call carrying beeper # 31465.
 To page 617-732-7243 enter beeper # 31465 and enter call back phone number.
Some sonographers forward the beeper to a telephone number which is identified
when call is placed for paging.
 If there is any problem contacting the sonographer on call please contact West
Campus sonographer carrying beeper # 39071 for assistance.
 Children’s Hospital Paging Phone Number 617-355-7243.
-Radiologist and sonographer determine when the exam will be performed and the level
of comfort/experience the technologist has with this particular exam.
-Sonographer arrives to perform the exam and Children’s radiologist is paged to review
images. Whether this page occurs at the beginning or end of the exam is to be
determined at the time of initial contact. Review of images may occur remotely via
PACS if the study is a standard head ultrasound or the involved technologist has a
reasonable level of comfort with another exam type.
-Radiologist and sonographer discuss the findings of the exam (in person or by
-The exam is completed, the Children’s radiologist discusses the findings with the NICU
staff and dictates the exam.
Note: We cannot leave the machine in the NICU hooked up to PACS for prolonged
periods without interfering with patient care. Therefore, if the attending radiologist from
Children’s feels additional imaging is needed that is beyond the expertise of the
technologist (for example, complex abdominal ultrasound) then the attending should be
prepared to come to the NICU while the technologist is present – without undue delay.
Note that many of the technologists are uncomfortable with cranial Doppler and will
require the assistance of the CHB radiologists when this is felt to be a critical part of the
This policy is to go into effect on 5/21/05.