September 2010

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome back to all our families. We are always pleased and surprised to see how much your
children have grown over the summer break. Everybody is now ready for a new year of hard work
and success in the school. We are delighted also to welcome our new junior infants and a significant
number of new children in older classes.
School calendar will be sent out to you before Friday and will also be on the website,
School closes early (12.10pm) on the first Friday of every month to facilitate the school’s staff
Classes: The number of children in the school continues to increase and consequently the number of
teachers increases also. We are pleased to welcome back Leah and Liz who were with us in a parttime capacity last year and are now class teachers. We are delighted to welcome 2 new members of
staff, Katy McCarthy who is substitute teacher for Rebekah Connolly (on Maternity Leave) and
Siobhan Geraghty who is a temporary Language Support teacher. We would like to take this
opportunity to congratulate Rebekah and her husband John on the birth of their beautiful baby girl,
Contact from the school: At this time of the year we need to update our data base to ensure that we
have the correct information, contact numbers etc. for each child in the school. It is very important
that you notify the school secretary, Suzanne of a change of address. Now that we are using text
messages to give you information and remind you of staff meetings then please make sure to let us
know if your mobile number changes.
If you wish to discuss any matter regarding your child’s progress please contact the secretary to
make an appointment with the class teacher.
Materials Money: Thank you to all the families who have already sent in the money for class
materials. 80 euro per child from infants to first class and 88 euro per child for classes 2nd-6th. This
money is vital to us as a school in order that we can equip your child’s classroom with all that we
need to teach the curriculum. If you have not already done so, please send the money in an
envelope with your child’s name on it to your child’s teacher who keeps a record of those who have
paid. We know that times are difficult for some people, so if you have any difficulty paying please
come and talk to Colette in the office. Arrangements can be made to pay in small, regular amounts if
you so wish.
Junior Infants go home early (12.10pm) until next Monday 13th. From that day they will finish at the
normal school closing time for infants at 1.50 pm. Bus children will be collected from the school at
1.50pm and then driven to the stops (about 10-15 minutes later). Junior and senior infant children
who do not go by bus must be collected form the classroom door. Parents to use the Esker entrance.
Pakistan. The school community wish to show our concern for our Pakistani families following the
recent flooding crisis that devastated their home country. It is intended that Adamstown Castle
Educate Together and Esker Educate Together will hold a joint fundraiser in the school and send
the proceeds to an Irish aid agency working with the relief effort in Pakistan. If you have any ideas
for a fundraiser or are willing to help out, contact Colette or Tom Costelloe.
Bus. Remember to talk to your child regularly about safety on the bus. Golden Rules: Keep seat belt
fastened and remain seated until bus stops. For those parents who are collecting small children, we
strongly advise that you get out of your car to collect your child directly from the bus. It is not safe to
allow your child to walk across car parks. Always put your child’s safety first. Younger children have
ties on their school bags, Yellow for LIDL and Blue for Leisure Centre. Do not remove these as they
are designed to help us make sure that your child is placed on the correct bus.
We would like to wish all our Muslim families a
Joyful Eid-Ul-Fitr
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