Structural Concepts in Arithmetic

Structural Concepts in Arithmetic, Fall 2012
Chapter 8 Objectives:
1. Be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers.
2. Be able to model and explain integer arithmetic using the following models:
Addition – Number line “hops”; vector model; chip model
Subtraction – Number line (with written explanation); chip model
3. Be able to define absolute value and use it to answer questions (like #6,7 page 190).
4. Be able to answer true/false questions based on the rules and properties for the
arithmetic of integers.
Chapter 9 Objectives:
1. Be able to use a decimal square (hundredth square) to model a decimal.
2. Be able to express a decimal in fraction form.
3. Be able to name a decimal using words (e.g., nine-tenths, five hundred three
4. Be able to round decimals to a specified place.
5. Be able to give estimates to computations involving decimals.
6. Be able to write a decimal in expanded form (and vice versa).
7. Be able to use a chip model to add, subtract, and multiply decimals.
8. Be able to use the partitive interpretation of division when performing long division
involving decimals.
9. Be able to compare decimals using a number line, a hundredths chart, and fractions.
10. Be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.
11. Be able to order decimals.