Public Speaking Reading Rubric: Veerps

Public Speaking Reading Rubric
Objective: Deliver a 1-2 minute reading that includes a short (2-3 sentences) introduction
to your scene, a reading of your novel excerpt, and a transition, introducing the next person.
Michigan State Standards: CE1.5.2: Prepare spoken and multimedia presentations that
effectively address audiences by careful use of voice, pacing, gestures, eye contact, visual
aids, and video technology.
_____ /3 Volume: Can everyone hear you?
_____ /3 Eye Contact: Intermittently, you look up from your writing and engage the
audience in your reading. Plan out pauses to your piece my memorizing certain lines. Make
sure your hair is away from your face so we can see your expressions.
_____ /3 Enunciation: Are you pronouncing words clearly? Do you put emphasis on words
with great meaning?
_____ /3 Rate: Are you speaking at an understandable speed?
_____ /3 Posture: Are you standing up tall behind the podium? Does your presence create a
positive impression?
_____ /5 Subject: _____ Introduction to scene / novel
_____ Reading is 2-5 minutes in length.
_____ Subject matter is appropriate
_____ Effective transition to the next person
My Introduction: