Did Canada Become More or Less Independent in the 1920`s

Did Canada Become More or Less Independent in the 1920’s. Consider relationships
with both Britain & the US?
Canada became more independent to Britain in the 1920’s but became much more
closer ties to the United States. At the beginning of World War One, Canada had to
automatically join the war once Britain joined. During the war, we showed how strong and
independent Canadians are; holding our lines in Ypres and being more successful than any
Britain fights in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. At the end, we signed the peace of treaty in
Versili as an independent country. We also had a seat at Paris peace conference and seat at
the League of Nations.
In arts, The Group of Seven painted a picture that was described as “The spirit of
young Canada has found itself” by the Mail and Empire. Magazines also showed a growing
sense of national pride; Maclean’s magazine publish Canadian stores and articles using
only Canadian spelling. Other books were written directly about Canada and Canadian
While leaving Britain behind, United States become Canada’s economic country.
United States invested nearly 60 percent of foreign investment in Canada. Over a million
Canadians moved to United States to find better jobs with higher wages. Canadians started
listening to U.S radio stations and reading magazines. Latest movies from Hollywood were
being watched in Canadian as well as the American cars being driven. U.S fashion and
sports were also brought to Canada.
I believe that United States was just a replacement of Britain, but Canada did
become more independent. The economy is growing rapidly with many new immigrants
shipping in and trades expanding the country.