2003_02-11 - Rose

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
5500 Wabash Avenue
Terre Haute, Indiana 47803-3999
Student Government Association
Phone: (812) 877-8446
Fax: (812) 877-3198
SGA Senate Meeting
February 11, 2003
Official Minutes
A meeting of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Student Government Association
was held on February 11, 2003 at 5:31 p.m., in the Kahn Room, the Vice President being the
chair and the Secretary being present.
Call to Order
Vice President Samuel Zurcher called the meeting to order and Secretary Brian Kiefer
called the role: present and absent.
The absent Senators being: .
Reports of the Officers and Standing Committees
Executive Officers
President – Benjamin Giant
 We had elections this past week. It went smoothly.
 Enjoy the meeting.
Vice-President – Samuel Zurcher
 This is my last meeting. Thanks.
Secretary – Brian Kiefer
 The mailing lists have been updated.
 I will let the new secretary know about the concerns on the format of the minutes.
Treasurer – Alison Burgess
 The General Fund is at $44,413.92.
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Executive Director – Sarah Walton
 The new President is Natalie Morand and the new Vice-President is Cheryl Fang.
Publicity Directory – Patrick Roby
 Thanks to all who voted.
Club Relations Director – Natalie Morand
 I want to see my committee.
Parliamentarian – Laura Hemming
 No report.
Class Presidents
Senior Class President – Ryan Brown
 Senior gift is the same as last year but from a different distributor.
Junior Class President – Andrew Courtice
 No report.
Sophomore Class President – Jake Klug
 No report.
Freshman Class President – Alicia Gehlhausen
 This Thursday at the basketball – freshman be there.
District Reports
 Hypnotist on BSB1 tonight.
 No report.
 No report.
 No report.
New Hall
 No report.
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Off-Campus Fraternities
 No report.
On-Campus Fraternities
 No report.
 SkinnerFest is May 17, 2003.
 No report.
Open Forum
Judicial Council Findings – See Attached Sheet
 Nat Bowe: Why are we, as Senate, just finding these judicial findings now?
 Samuel Zurcher: I don’t know.
 Ben Giant: I passed the buck on to Sam. I didn’t even think about informing all of
Senate of the findings.
 Nat Bowe: We had no time to talk with the findings with my constituents, since no
one knew, including your executive council, about the findings.
 Tim Swan: These findings are not binding, but just recommendations.
 Morgan Reeder: Concerning the second ramification, the club simply must ask, not
necessarily be approved to continue to be a probationary club?
 Tim King: I’m confused on the ruling.
 Sam Zurcher: Tim Swan, maybe this is for you to answer.
 Tim Swan: This is another issue. Our feeling is that after those ninety days, you
must either disband as a club or go back to probationary club status.
Crosswalk by On-Campus Fraternities
 Jason LaBella: It is still dangerous not to have a crosswalk there, since drivers are not
 Ben Giant: I will get on Facilities again.
New Business
Activity Fee Resolution – Motion to accept resolution
 Jake Klug: (Resolution read)
 Jared Farmer: What about the other alternatives to this resolution?
 Jake Klug: We want the Rose community to be able to expand and reach out to more
students and the local community.
 Vote by Voice: Nay – 3 abs
o Division called: 24 yay – 20 nay – 6 abs
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Aerial Robitics Club Budget
 Andrew Lee (Club Rep): We are requesting a new budget. We did not spend any
money that we were budgeted. It is primarily a move of how we are spending our
money. We would like an increase from $3,255.00 to $5,255.00.
 Andrew Batta (Finance Rep): Recommends $3,2850. We cut recruitment costs since
it is near the end of the year. We also cut brochures and letterhead. We cut their
competition expenses too, because they are not during this fiscal year.
 Steve Reed: You didn’t spend all your money on the items you budgeted for, but you
spent it on other things. Why?
 Reps: I don’t know to be honest.
 Andrew Batta: They do not want to use the money they have for non-approved
items, so they are attempting to approve that along with more money.
 Jared Farmer: Move to approve $3,2850.00. 2nd Cheryl Fang.
 Vote by voice: Passes - 0 abs.
Team Rose Motorsports Funding Request
 Chris Brattain (Rep): Break-in, 90% percent of equipment stolen, want money to
replace all stolen tools
 Paul Baldeshwilder(Finance Committee): Full amount recommended by Finance
 Chris: we are getting the lock cores and garage doors replaced, we are moving to
 Motion to approve Full amount ($3981.95) 2nd
 Ron Zucherman: why have the locks not been replaced?
 Rep: The lock on the door is the really easy to break
 Steven Reeder: Why don’t you get a dead bolt? What happens if you get your old
tools back?
 Frank Levinson: It is the same as putting a dead bolt on any door on campus,
security cannot be held accountable
 Rep: If we get the old tools back we will use both sets and increase productivity
 Vote by voice: Passes - 5 abs.
Spanish Club Funding Request
 Rachel Lukens (Rep): Planning a trip to Mexico, 4th annual trip for a class, students
pay for flights, want SGA sponsorship for the trip
 Jake Klug (Finance Committee): We recommend $3980, cut the gas to $.10 mile due
to Finance Committee policy
 Lukens: Each student pays for $850 of his/her trip, this funding request will allow
more people to go
 Batta: Do you have to be in the class to go on the trip?
 Dr. De La Cova: No, if you want credit you must go, but anyone can go if they want
 Jared Farmer: What if gas is overly expensive
 Dr. De La Cova: Students will pay for the gas out of their own pocket
 Motion to approve Finance Committee amount of $3980, 2nd
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Andrew Batta: We have approved money for this trip even when it was not required,
Senate needs to decide whether we can fund class trips
Ron Zuckerman: Since, it is open to all students we should fund it
Jason LaBella: I was on this trip last year, it was no vacation, it was a lot of work,
very rigorous course, this is not throwing money away at all
Tim King: Can I go if I am not in the class and don’t speak Spanish
Dr. De La Cova: If the trip was not already full, you would be able to go
Laura Hemming: We were not aware that credit was given last year, should we pay
for someone else’s education?
Morgan Reeder: Why didn’t the HSS department give money
Drew Courtice Move to amend the amount to $4230, 2nd
Call to question: Passes
Vote by voice: Passes – 0 abs
Call to question for $4230: Passes – 2 abs
Vote by voice: Passes – 3 abs for full amount of $4230
Unity Club Status
 Odessa Gearheart (Rep): I don’t understand why it is so hard for us to receive full
club status. We amended the section on removal of members. Now states members
can be removed if they are harassing other members in a harmful way.
 Nat Bowe: Why do you have the removal clause?
 Jared Farmer: Move to approve Unity for full club status, 2nd
 Steve Reed: Can we table Unity so that we can talk to our consitiuents about the
Judical Council’s findings.
 Frank Levinson: Lets decide something tonight
 Andrea Mailoux: we have talked to our constituents for many weeks now, we should
know how we feel
 Wes Kalata (Rep): If we are tabled, then we cannot get full club status for another
180 days
 Ben “not so” Giant: Judical Council wanted to give Unity one last chance to get full
club status, which is this meeting, if they are denied/tabled, they must get
probationary club status again
 Jason Labella: The deadline can be extended by one meeting after the 180 day
deadline, it can be tabled because Unity has officially asked for it
 Zach Roth: We need to decide tonight
 Jason LaBella: They should be a club, however they are in the same ballpark as
 Steve Reed: We should go by the Judicial Council’s findings and recommendations
 Odessa: We have a non-discrimination statement, therefore we are not a “gay club”
 Matt Gordon: Senate should cut to chase and decide whether or not to give Unity
full club status, reading a paragraph from Unity’s handout from last week of why
Untiy should be a club
 Nat Bowe: if you feel Unity Club is wrong vote against it, disregard PC, you must
represent you constituents
 Autumn Weddle: InterVarsity and Untiy should not be connected
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Matt Gordon: most clubs here are based on an activity, Unity is based on a belief,
these are two different things
Ryan Brown: SWE and NSBE are open to all students, therefore we should allow
those two clubs to get SGA Funding
Nicole Parke: Call to Question: Passes – 0 abs
Roll Call Vote : Fails 27 yea 18 nay, 2abs
Unity Club Budget
 Null
Constitution Amendment Proposed by John Stauffer
 Amendment to Artcile IV, Section 3, Part D
 Amendmetn to Article VII, Section 13, Part C, Section 4e
Motion to Adopt Judical Council’s Recommendation
 Ryan Poplin: moves to approve the 2nd part of Judicial Council recommendation, 2nd
by Nick Cheney
 Vote by Voice: Failed -- 4 abs
 Division called by Morgan Reeder:
o 16 Yays, 23 nays, - abs
“Passing of the Gavel”
Many People: Thanks/Congrats to Exec
Courtice: Congrats to Natalie Morand and Cheryl Fang
Jason LaBella: SkinnerFest May 17
Ailur Blair: Call to Question need a second
Natalie Morand: need to see committee after meeting
Ben “not so” Giant: give Sam a round of applause for his good work, Senate: don’t
become apathetic
Sam Zurcher: Thanks to Ben, Exec, and Senate; Cheryl: Good Luck
Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm
Samuel Zurcher
SGA Vice President
Brian Kiefer
SGA Secretary
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