Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
Radiology Department
Position Title:
Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
Organisation Unit:
Radiology Department
Whangarei Hospital, Northland District Health Board
Responsible to:
Clinical Nurse Manager, Radiology Department, Northland
District Health Board
Primary Functions of
the Position:
1. To provide nursing care and support with a holistic approach
which is safe, of the highest quality possible and in
accordance with the designated standards of practice.
2. To maintain and enhance the professional standards of
nursing and further development of nursing within the
Radiology Department.
3. To participate as an effective member of the Radiology
Department and act as a support person to the multidisciplinary team.
Functional Relationships
The Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner will develop and maintain excellent
relationships with:
Charge MRT
Radiology Clinical Nurse Manager
Clinical Leader Radiology and
Medical Radiation Technologists
Radiology Department Clerical Team
Physicians, Surgeons and other medical
Ward staff and other nursing staff of the
Other members of the multidisciplinary
Diabetes Service
Chaplains. Takewaenga Service
Patients and their families/whanau
Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
Outreach nurses
Patients and their families/whanau
Practice Nurses and General
Rest homes and Hospice
St John Ambulance Staff
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Key Responsibilities and Expected Outcomes
Northland District Health Board has established a set of values by which the organisation will
respond, in part, to achieving its goals and objectives through their workforce. The following
Values and supporting statements are expected behaviours of each individual employed with
Supporting Statement
People First
Tangata I te tuatahi
Whakaute (tuku mana)
Whakawhitiwhiti korero
Taumata teitei (hirangi)
People are central to all we do
We treat others as we would like to be treated
We nurture those around us, and treat all with dignity and
We communicate safely, openly and with respect to promote clear
Our attitude of excellence inspires success, competence,
confidence and innovation
The position of Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner encompasses the following major
functions or key result areas:
Practice as a competent Registered Nurse
Personal Development
Quality Assurance
Treaty of Waitangi
Health and Safety
The outcome requirements of the above key responsibility areas are outlined below:
Key Responsibility Area
Expected Outcomes
Practice as a competent
Registered Nurse
In conjunction with the multidisciplinary team utilise the
nursing process to deliver individualized nursing care in
accordance with professional standards
Participate in the Radiology activities such as patient
allocation, admissions, transfers and discharges.
Maintain standards of care, risk management, patient and
family/whanau expectations, learning needs, medical
management requirements and discharge planning as per
multidisciplinary treatment protocol.
Assist the patient with nursing needs, ensuring basic needs
of comfort and hygiene are met whilst in the Radiology
Ensure patient and family/whanau are involved in care
activities as appropriate and that care is flexible and
individualised within the parameters of radiation protection.
Through observation and assessment, utilising professional
initiative, mobilises members of the multidisciplinary team to
meet identified patient needs.
Collect and document information systematically and
comprehensively, through assessment, interview,
observation and other sources of data.
Evidence based nursing knowledge / techniques are used
when providing care.
Findings are documented and reported, recognizing the
Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
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Key Responsibility Area
Expected Outcomes
need for immediate and ongoing intervention and
incorporated in the treatment / discharge plan when
 Appropriate recording and reporting on results of nursing
processes are documented.
 Ensure that student nurses and new staff members are
appropriately supported at all times.
 Ensure the supervision, support and education is given to
Patient Care Assistants so that safe patient care can be
given at all times.
Personal Development
Be accountable for the delivery of clinical skills in a safe and
appropriate manner to the highest quality possible.
Appropriately initiate, maintain and finalise therapeutic
relationships / partnerships.
Ensure all patients are identified against referral forms and
verbally pre-procedure.
Ensure medication is correctly administered as prescribed
and response is evaluated, communicated and documented
promptly. [Adverse reactions being notified to Centre for
Adverse Reactions monitoring]
Procedural requirements are met in accordance with
Radiology Department policies and protocols, ie, care of
specimen tissue transport to Laboratory and signed
reception of same.
Accidents, incidents, errors/omissions are acknowledged,
reported and documented promptly.
Initiates action to reduce/correct/prevent actual or potential
risks to patients and colleagues.
Effective time management, priority setting, coordination and
communication skills are practiced.
Incorporate the cultural needs of Tangata Whenua and other
appropriate groups when delivering nursing care, seeking
out appropriate advice on cultural matters.
Ensure that patients legal, privacy and confidentiality rights
are known and understood by the patient.
Ensure that all concerns, complaints and issues are brought
to the attention of the Clinical Nurse Manager in a timely and
effective manner in accordance with service policies and
Ensure the needs and views of the patient and their families
are fully represented at the multidisciplinary team meetings.
Involve the patient and family/whanau in the formation of
treatment plan and gain consent for treatments as
Ensure all patients receive full explanations of procedures,
questions answered and where necessary informed consent
is obtained.
In consultation with the Clinical Nurse Manager ensure
knowledge and skills development is ongoing and up to
Develop and maintain personal professional practice in
accordance with professional standards, best practice,
legislative requirements, policies and guidelines.
Ensure designations are up to date and reviewed as
required by protocols and policies of Northland District
Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
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Key Responsibility Area
Expected Outcomes
Health Board
 Adopt a collaborative and inclusive approach with junior
colleagues and other members of the multidisciplinary team.
 Seek additional knowledge/assistance when presented with
unfamiliar situations/patients conditions.
 Provide education, guidance and support to junior nurses to
practice in the most autonomous and accountable manner
given their level of skill and experience.
 Take steps to develop a professional portfolio which will
place the practitioner on the PDRP.
Quality Assurance
Treaty of Waitangi
Health & Safety
Contribute to the successful management of the Radiology
Department by participating in the development and delivery
of culturally /ethically acceptable services.
Participate in the multidisciplinary team by actively fostering
harmonious relationships and ensuring the maintenance of
effective channels of communication with all relevant
persons or groups.
Attend and contribute to team meetings, ie, staff meetings
clinical, debriefing sessions, inservice education, quality
improvement, occupational health and safety etc.
Ensure adherence to the standards that govern nursing
practice and the Northland District Health Board and
Radiology Department policies and protocols.
Participate in the quality assurance process which leads to
adoption of improved policies/protocols for the Radiology
Collect and record accurately demographic information at
the point of admission, discharge and/or transfer as
Contribute to the promotion of the principles of Treaty of
Waitangi and the involvement of Maori within the decision
making process for their health and independence, within
District Health Board management processes and
Include the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi within all
aspects of the role and its outcomes
Ensure that consultation and engagement processes include
appropriate mechanisms to meet the need of Maori in a
culturally appropriate and safe manner
Attend the Northland District Health Board Treaty of
Waitangi Training
Observe and promote safe work practices, rules and
instructions relating to work, and be pro-active in hazard
Willingly co-operate in the achievement of all health and
safety goals and initiatives by:
 Practicing and observing safe work methods;
 The use of safety equipment;
 Reporting unsafe conditions or equipment; and
 Reporting and documenting all accidents or incidents
Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
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Variation of Duties
Duties and responsibilities described above should not be construed as a complete and
exhaustive list as it is not the intention to limit in any way the scope or functions of the
position. Duties and responsibilities may be amended from time to time, in consultation with
the employee, to meet any changing conditions and service requirements.
Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
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Person Specification
Education and Qualifications
 Registered Comprehensive Nurse or
RGON with at least 3 years post
graduate experience.
 Current Practicing Certificate
 CPR certification
 IV designation, Cannula-Insertion
 Recent general experience within an acute setting
Awareness and Understanding of
 The Treaty of Waitangi and its application
to the health setting
 Privacy Act (1993) and Health
Information Privacy Code (1994)
 Health and Safety in Employment Act
 Health and Disability Commissioner
(Code of Health and Disability Services
Consumers’ Rights) Regulations (1996)
 New Zealand Council of Healthcare
Skills & Personal Attributes
 Good communications and coordinating skills
 Must be able to demonstrate efforts made towards gaining an adequate knowledge of
medical and nursing issues, eg, working towards PDRP
 To have demonstrated the desire to up-grade skills, and to learn from more experienced
 Demonstrated ability to practice in a culturally safe manner
Personal Attributes
 To be physically fit and able to meet manual handling requirements
 The ability to work within a multidisciplinary team
 Good communication skills
 To have an awareness of current trends in nursing practice.
 To have people orientated interests
Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
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Performance Development Review
An initial review of performance will be conducted after three months, with an annual review
An individual Development Plan will be developed to reflect the contribution this position is
expected to make towards achieving the team’s objectives and measures. Key result areas
will be developed and agreed at this time.
Authorised by:
Acceptance of the position implies acceptance of this position description.
Position Title:
Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
Signature of employee:
Registered Nurse – Advanced Practitioner
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