Change Over Time Unit Study Guide

Change Over Time Unit Study Guide
LT.E.1- I can define all change over time terms.
1) Define adaptation, evolution, mutation, natural selection, speciation, variation, extinct,
and geologic timescale.
LT.E.2- I can explain variation and its sources.
2) List two sources of variation and explain how they are sources.
LT.E.3- I can detail and apply the process of natural selection.
3) Need to know that the faster a species can reproduce the faster that natural selection
can take place. Also need to know that observable differences can mutate and change in
shorter amounts of generations than internal structures.
4) Need to be able to explain “For the Birds” OR or a question that is similar.
LT.E.4- I can explain speciation.
5) Explain in detail what speciation is.
6) Be able to explain what happened with Darwin’s finches.
LT.E.5- I can describe how continental drift drives evolution.
7) Explain geographic isolation.
8) List five sources of geographic isolation.
LT.E.6- I can explain how the fossil record provides evidence of long-term
evolutionary changes.
9) List some major causes of extinctions. Also know what is the evidence that species
have gone extinct.
10) Know some inferences and observations that can be made about organisms from their
LT.E.7- I can explain how the fossil record was used to develop the geologic
11) Know how to read the diagram on pg. 145 of our review books. Also be able to
explain how fossils helped scientists organize the diagram.
12) Be familiar and be able to read the diagram on pg. 148 in our review book. Be able
to answer questions on pg. 149 about the diagram.