Digital Agenda 11_2_15 thru 11_5_15

Ms. Aguilar
Biology 2015-2016
Digital Agenda
Facilitator Name: Ms. Aguilar
Subject/Course: Biology
Grades: 9th
Dates: Week of 11/2/15-11/5/15
Content (ALLI) Standard(s)
NGSS standard:
Construct an explanation based on evidence for how natural selection leads to adaptation of
populations. [Clarification Statement: Emphasis is on using data to provide evidence for how specific
biotic and abiotic differences in ecosystems (such as ranges of seasonal temperature, long-term climate
change, acidity, light, geographic barriers, or evolution of other organisms) contribute to a change in gene
frequency over time, leading to adaptation of populations.]
Learning Objective(s)
Explain how new species arise as a result of geographic barriers, reproductive barriers
and seasonal (temporal isolation).
1. Do Now - (Approximate - 10 minutes)
● Take out science notebook and title today’s lesson: Speciation
2. Hook
● Telephone video/questions/TRY THE TELEPHONE GAME
3. Interactive Mini-lecture (whole group instruction)
Evolution, common ancestry and speciation
4. Active Practice (Independent)
The process of speciation worksheet
5. Closure/Exit Ticket - (Approximate - 5 minutes)
● Exit slip
6. Homework