Plate tectonics & Volcano Ditto

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Plate tectonics & Volcanoes
Each diagram in Figure 1 illustrates an activity that occurs at a particular type of plate boundary. Draw an arrow
above each plate to indicate its direction of relative motion
Fig. 1
Use Figure 1 to answer questions 1-8. Place the # of the picture that best matches the description below in the
blank provided.
1. _____ Two continental plates converging
5. _____ Two plates moving apart
2. _____ A continental plate converging with an ocean
6. _____ Himalayas
3. _____ Two ocean plates coming together
7. _____ Mid-Atlantic Ridge
4. _____ Mariana Islands & Mariana Trench
8. _____ Peru-Chile Trench & Andes Mts.
Figure 2 shows a section of the ocean floor & its striped pattern of magnetic polarity. The dark bands represent
normal polarity. The center point of the section is at a spreading plate boundary.
Fig. 2
Use Figure 2 to answer questions 9-13. Place the # of
the picture that best matches the description below in
the blank provided.
9. How many episodes of normal polarity are represented? ________
10. How many episodes of reverse polarity are represented? ________
11. Using this ditto as a reference, in which direction is band D moving? ______________
12. Which of the bands are of the same age? ___________________
13. Which band or bands are the oldest? _______________
Figure 3 represents a chain of volcanic islands formed by the movement of a lithospheric plate over a hot
spot in the asthenosphere
Use Fig. 3 to answer questions 14-18.
14. ______ Which island is currently closest to the hot spot
15. ______ Which is the oldest island
16. ______At which location will the next island in this
chain form.
17. _____Which island is younger, B or C?
18. _____ Which island is most likely to have an active volcano at the present time?
Figure 4 represents a cross section through the Earth containing plutons.
Use the letters in Fig. 4 to label the igneous intrusions.
19. ____ Sill
20. ____ Batholith
21. ____ Laccolith
22. ____ Dike
23. ____Volcanic Neck
Fig. 4
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