Instructional Designer

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A veteran instructional designer, technical writer, and distance learning specialist,
Elizabeth Fanning has over fifteen years' experience as a consultant in and developer of
innovative, educational and interactive multimedia presentations and virtual learning
spaces. She was the producer of the educational CD-ROM entitled The Wall: A Living
Memorial, distinguished by awards from Multimedia Producer, AV Producer's Award,
and the New York Festival Gold Medal, and has written award-winning scenario-based
interactive video scripts. Currently, her projects focus on virtual learning environments,
adult learning, and fostering knowledge building and community among learners and
instructors in virtual learning spaces.
Magna Cum Laude, Ph.D.: Instructional Technologies; The University of Virginia,
Charlottesville, Virginia. 2008.
Post Graduate Certificate: Distance Education; The University of Wisconsin, Madison,
Wisconsin. 2000.
M.A.: Instructional Technologies; San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California.
Post Graduate Certificate: Technical Writing; San Francisco State University, San Francisco,
California. 1990.
Resident Fellowship: The Maine Photographic Workshop; Rockport, Maine. 1984.
B.A.: English and Film/Video Studies; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1983.
Instructional Design Factors as They Relate to the Creation of a Virtual Learning Environment;
February, 2008.
The design and fostering of virtual learning environments and learning communities
User-generated content and community-building in virtual learning environments
Diffusion of blended learning methods into adult learning environments
Serious Games 2005: Microsoft Academic All-Star.
Serious Games 2004: Microsoft Academic All-Star.
Awards from Multimedia Producer, AV Producer's Award, and the New York Film Festival Gold
Medal for The Wall: A Living Memorial, 1994-1995.
The Communicator’s Award for “Contractor’s Guide”, an instructional video on plumbing
installation procedures to meet North American zoning codes, 1994.
Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA), Instructional Game-based Learning, Fall 2004
Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA), Advanced Instructional Design, Spring, 2003 and 2004.
Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA), Introduction to Instructional Technologies, Fall, 2003 and
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Currently researching how to use webconferencing tools to facilitate learning through roleplaying games in adult learning settings.
Currently researching factors for fostering community and knowledge-building among
intended learners for a self-paced online curriculum.
Worked with art therapists to determine approaches for using commercial off-the-shelf
(COTS) computer-based games and simulations as a vehicle for conducting art therapy with
children and families.
Worked with middle school teachers and students to research factors for success and
implementation for customizing COTS for classroom learning
Fanning, Elizabeth & Nair, Lakshmi (2008). Creating a Virtual Learning Community in
Biomedical Nanotechnology. Currently under review for publication.
Fanning, Elizabeth. (2008). Digital User-Generated Content and Its Role in Our Emerging Digital
Literacy. The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society. June, 2008.
Becker, Daniel & Fanning, Elizabeth (2007). Painful Conversations, a Game-Based Simulation:
How to Learn to Say What No One Wants to Hear. “Arnold P. Gold Foundation: How are we
teaching humanism in medicine, and what is working.? September, 2007.
Fanning, Elizabeth & Brighton, Catherine. (2007). The Sims in Therapy: An Examination of
Feasibility and Potential of the Use of Game-Based Learning in Clinical Practice. Annual
Review of CyberTherapy and Telemedicine. June, 2007.
Fanning, Elizabeth (2006). Game Mods: Customizable Learning in a K16 Setting. International
Journal of Information and Communications Technology Education (IJICTE) OctoberDecember 2006,2 (4).
Scheer, Stephanie and Fanning, Elizabeth (2006) A Strategy for Building Community and
Knowledge Management. OJDLA, 9 (3). Available online:
Fanning, Elizabeth (2005). Formatting a Paper-based Survey Questionnaire: Best Practices.
Practical Assessment Research & Evaluation, 10(12). Available online:
Becker, Daniel & Fanning, Elizabeth (2007). Painful Conversations, a Game-Based Simulation:
How to Learn to Say What No One Wants to Hear. Arnold P. Gold Foundation Symposium,
Chicago, IL.
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[email protected]
Fanning, Elizabeth & Brighton, Catherine. (2007). The SIMs in Therapy: An Examination of
Feasibility and Potential of Game-based Learning in a Clinical Practice. Poster session
presented at the CyberTherapy 2007 Conference, Washington, DC.
Becker, Daniel & Fanning, Elizabeth (2007). Painful Conversations: How to Learn to Say What
No One Wants to Hear. Poster session presented at the CyberTherapy 2007 Conference,
Washington, DC.
Becker, Daniel & Fanning, Elizabeth (2007). Painful Conversations: How to Learn to Say What
No One Wants to Hear. Medicine Meets Virtual Reality; Long Beach, CA.
Jacobson, Dov, Fanning, Elizabeth, & Kechner, Nancy (2006) Improving Attitudes Toward the
Disabled with a Game. Games for Health; Baltimore, MD.
E-learning Guild
International Journal of Information and Communications Technology Education (IJICTE)
The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society
The Administration on Aging, Washington, D.C.
Online Instructional Developer
 Designed and managed the production of online instruction on the care for elders in the
American Indian community.
 Conducted usability tests, focus groups, and implementation strategy to build virtual
community among the intended learners.
The University of Virginia School of Continuing and Professional Studies,
Charlottesville, Virginia
2005 to Present
Education Technology Specialist
 Coordinated effort to support instructors, staff, and students in adapting existing courses to
blended learning methods.
 Provided instructional design for blended and fully online courses.
 Conducted Needs Assessments.
 Produced support and outreach materials.
 Created and conducted face-to-face and online instruction for instructors on how to use a
learning management system and webconferencing software.
 Developed standards of instruction and related syllabi templates to ensure that accreditation
requirements were met.
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[email protected]
The University of Virginia School of Medicine, Department of Humanism,
Charlottesville, Virginia
2005 to Present
Simulation Game Producer
 Designed and coordinated development of a prototype online game-based simulation for
medical professionals to facilitate developing an approach for delivering difficult news to
 Conducted focus groups, created research design, wrote proposals, project managed
production, and developed presentations for the Cybertherapy and MMVR Conferences,
The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
2003 – 2005
Teaching Assistant
 Assisted in the development and delivery of course materials and activities for Education
Leadership, Foundations, and Policy (EDLF) 700, Introduction to Instructional Technologies,
EDLF 801, Advanced Instructional Technologies, and EDLF 703, Educational Game Design.
 Taught EDLF 700 Introduction to Instructional Technologies, and co-taught EDLF 801 and
EDLF 703.
Bureau of Indian Education, Washington, DC
Project Consultant
 Worked annually with educational representatives from First Nations throughout the United
States to evaluate approaches for creating and sustaining culturally aligned education through
the support of available technology.
 Coordinated with team members, provided reports, contributed to grant proposals, and
provided detailed recommendations.
Center of Multicultural Human Services, Falls Church, Virginia 2003-2005
Project Manager
 Coordinated and led a team of education consultants, administrators, and art therapists in the
evaluation and adaptation of technology-based methods to support the treatment of
traumatized children.
 Explored the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) games and simulations for therapeutic
Educational Resources, Herndon, Virginia
1996 – Present
Distance Learning Specialist
 Worked with subject matter experts, instructors, and production team to translate several
existing workshops to multi-platform distance learning delivery systems.
 Created a learner support strategy to provide instructional support and mediation.
 Developed an interactive course guide to accompany the revised and uploaded courseware.
 Wrote successful proposals for the development of a series of distance learning courses on
adult basic skills, and created the design documents and course outline for the courses.
 Developed and coordinated the production of online courses to prepare adults for distance
learning and employability test taking.
Capital One, Richmond, Virginia
2004 – 2005
Instructional Designer
 Created and coordinated the production and presentation of an interactive standup course
with game-based learning elements on The Value Chain, a process to support the
management of IT-based projects.
 Provided production schedule and managed teams to meet milestones.
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[email protected]
Created interactive job aids to support new and current project managers in managing ITbased projects.
Genworth Richmond, Virginia
Instructional Designer
 Conducted needs assessment for the training department dedicated to supporting and
maintaining clients.
 Addressed issues of internal organization, delivery methods, and areas related to improving
the focus and qualify of instruction and communication.
Windwalker Corporation, McLean, Virginia
1996 - 2004
Instructional Designer/Content Writer
 Coordinated ID production of scenario-based, online interactive, scenario-based instructional
games for adult learning audiences, and wrote scripts and design documents. Projects have
involved sales, system and customer service training, while others provided instruction on
money management, from basic banking skills to negotiating a mortgage.
 Wrote promotional materials and magazine articles for sales and technical professionals on
product features and updates.
 Developed interactive video scripts and print-based instructional materials for a customer
contact skills curriculum.
 Created print-based instruction for marketing professionals on how to use web-based
resources to research and promote document solutions.
 Developed content for print-based materials and a multimedia instructional game for use by
sales professionals on developing sales strategies and meeting customer needs.
 Edited storyboards written by other instructional designers for print, computer, and webbased instruction.
 Edited test questions for an online SAT preparatory course.
Re:discovery Software, Charlottesville, Virginia
2002 – 2003
Instructional Designer
 Consulted on developing online help and training for a database management software
designed for museum and National Park clients.
 Storyboarded lessons and reviewed iterations of the training’s development for usability and
instructional effectiveness.
Clark Construction, Bethesda, Maryland
1997 - 2005
Curriculum Writer
 Coordinated and worked with subject matter experts to create scenario-based instruction for a
week-long intensive curriculum for newly hired Project Managers on how to manage a
corporate construction job from bid to closeout.
 Managed the creation of print-based Leader Guides, interactive Student Guides, and
PowerPoint presentations for several project management courses launched through Clark
University, an in-house personnel development program that focuses on project management
and negotiation skills.
 Converted print-based courseware for distance learning delivery.
Re-Learning/ORS Interactive, Leesburg, Virginia
Instructional Designer
 Converted existing courseware on management development to online delivery.
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[email protected]
Developed proposals, design documents, and storyboards for instruction on color theory for
sales and technical support for a document solutions client, and management skills for a
manufacturing firm.
Designed online assessments to identify learning needs for technical support personnel.
ESI, Inc., Fairfax, Virginia
Instructional Designer
 Revised existing online course on Project Management skills in scheduling and cost control
to improve student retention and instructional strategies.
 Performed a front-end analyses, completed a curriculum planning document and design
document, and developed storyboards for an online course on Scheduling and Cost Control
for project managers.
Government Institutes, Rockville, Maryland
Distance Learning Consultant
 Converted existing standup course materials into a self-directed curriculum.
 Coordinated with subject matter experts to revise content, developed self-directed learning
support strategies, and created exercises and activities to reinforce the text-based component
of the instruction.
DAI, Alexandria, Virginia
1999 - 2000
Instructional Designer
 Developed web-based instructional presentations for patients on how to prepare for a medical
consultation, and manage Congestive Heart Failure and Chronic Pain conditions.
 Worked with client on needs assessment and identifying instructional goals. Coordinated
graphic production, programming, and regression testing.
ELF, Inc., Bethesda, Maryland
1996 - 2000
Instructional Designer
 Developed computer-based instruction for the new computer system used by MacDonald’s
employees to place orders and manage production; instruction also included a module on
basic mouse skills for new computer users.
 Created documentation and co-developed a user interface for a support software used by sales
professionals, network and software developers.
Pack-Online, Herndon, Virginia
Technical Writer
 Created online documentation for a network-based medical office management system.
Northern Virginia Community College
Extended Learning Institute, Alexandria, Virginia
1998 - 1999
Distance Learning Specialist
 Coordinated with instructors to determine and implement the appropriate delivery methods
for distance learning courses.
 Converted additional existing courses to distance learning formats as well.
University Online, Rockville, Maryland
Instructional Designer
 Created stand-up and web-based training for system analysts on how to install, configure, and
use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, including its relational databases.
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[email protected]
Performed front-end analysis and developed web-based instruction on the basics of ERP for
marketing, sales, and finance specialists.
Performed task analysis and developed stand-up training materials for engineers and
estimators at a public utility. Courseware provided instruction and documentation on how to
use AutoCAD as well as related database and scanning tools.
PerformTech, Silver Spring, Maryland
Instructional Designer
 Developed multimedia instruction, including video scripts and storyboards, on procedures for
emergency medic technicians.
 Developed multimedia instruction, including storyboards, for the FDIC on how to use
specific online and off-line tools to compute Present Value, Yield, and related values.
C2 Multimedia, Inc., Falls Church, Virginia
Instructional Designer
 Lead designer for DVD instruction for healthcare professionals on how to perform noninvasive assessment techniques for injuries resulting from chemical, radiological, or
biological causative agents ("weapons of mass destruction").
Lucent Technologies - Network Systems Division, New Jersey
Instructional Design Facilitator
 Contracted by Jack Morton Productions in New York City to serve as an Instructional Design
Coach to guide a team of Product Managers in the creation of applications-oriented sales
 Coordinated content development and consulted on delivery system strategies.
Carney Interactive, Alexandria, Virginia
Instructional Designer and Project Manager
 Produced and provided design for instructional CD-ROM for cardiologists on non-invasive
heart surgery; assets included MPEG video.
 Created design documents, managed production team, and coordinated with the client,
medical illustrators, vendors, and subject matter experts.
UP, Inc., Herndon, Virginia
Instructional Designer
 Developed promotional and training and multimedia materials for telecommunications
 Performed task analyses, developed content and interface, and wrote scripts and graphic
 Created design plans, storyboards, and scripts for intranet training and reference materials.
 Wrote reference materials and developed worksheets and job aids for hardware salespeople.
 Researched and developed an online reference and tutorials.
PTI, Annandale, Virginia
Instructional Designer
 Wrote design specifications and developed content for a World Wide Web page on area
community services available for people with HIV as well as their friends and families.
Genuine Intertainment, Jacksonville, Florida
Content Developer and Proposal Writer
 Developed three content channels for MSN.
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[email protected]
Wrote proposals, interface treatments, and development strategies for commercial CD-ROM
and Internet products.
Avalon Integrated Systems, Roslyn, Virginia
Interface Consultant and Proposal Writer
 Developed interface and content organization for interactive kiosks for the Federal Highway
Association, used for promotional and public education purposes.
Magnet Interactive Studios, Washington, D.C.
Multimedia Producer and Proposal Writer
 Managed teams of up to fifty people at a team to produce new media instruction.
 Producer of The Wall: A Living Memorial, distinguished by awards from Multimedia
Producer, AV Producer's Award, and the New York Festival Gold Medal. Researched
content, negotiated, and contracted rights and licensing for all materials, wrote scripts,
developed interface and coordinated production team. Also developed online demos and
wrote promotional materials for print and audio-based marketing purposes.
 Produced the Time Life - The Complete Home Repair Kitchen and Bathroom CDs for Time
Life Digital. Managed pre-production and production of two hybrid CDs based on books in
the Time Life Home Repair series. Negotiated contract with client, prepared budget and
milestone schedules, and coordinated production team.
 Co-produced prototype for The Vatican Libraries in conjunction with IBM and The Vatican.
 Developed proposals, budgets, and interface treatments for other CD-ROM presentations,
games, and network interfaces, including Marilyn Monroe, The Weather Channel, Cable
Health, and The Good Opera Guide.
The Training Corporation, Occoquan, Virginia
1992 - 1998
Instructional Designer and Script Writer
 Researched and wrote a video script for plumbers, contractors, and inspectors on the
appropriate procedures for lateral pipe installation in order to meet Code specifications. The
video won The Communicator’s Award, 1999.
 Created and delivered stand-up training to teach AuthorWare and user interface to
multimedia developers.
 Wrote scripts for curriculum and scenarios to be used in a video conferencing course for
psychologists on The Ethics in Counseling.
 Created Leader Guides and User documentation for RMM, a resource allocation and
accounting software developed for the Army National Guard.
 Wrote a video script to promote RMM software to military activities and created a distance
learning strategy to deliver RMM software and state-specific policy training.
ITC, Herndon, Virginia
Instructional Designer
 Wrote instruction manual and developed interface for modules incorporated in The Math
Program, a multimedia Adult Basic Skills presentation.
ASA, McLean, Virginia
Instructional Designer
 Performed task analyses and developed online instruction to support systems training.
Performed needs assessments, wrote proposals, and developed CD-ROM-based medical
curriculum for the US Navy.
 Wrote print-based instructional materials for the National Highway Safety Administration to
coordinate Hispanic traffic safety programs throughout the country.
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[email protected]
The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Special Projects Coordinator, Department of Public Education
 Developed and managed the production of computer-based learning materials based on
objects in the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum's collection of African and Meso-American
art. The materials are now used in San Francisco Unified Middle Schools as part of standard
curriculum for courses in Social Sciences and History.
 Wrote successful grants to fund public education projects for school children and coordinated
resources to implement and complete said projects.
 Conducted needs assessments and post-production evaluation tools, performed all
programming and interface design tasks, and coordinated communication and resources
between museum and school district personnel.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Francisco, California
Project Manager
 Ran the production of an online computer-based training project for estimators and engineers.
Designed instructional interfaces and storyboarded content. Coordinated a team of graphic
artists and content developers.
VIZ FX, San Francisco, California
Contributing Writer and Illustrator
 Developed modules in a computer-based tutorial on programming special effects in
computer-based presentations.
 Created illustrations for HyperCard for Fish, documentation for HyperCard 2.0.
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