Lesson Title - PLC-METS

Lesson Title
Teacher Name: Mary Ervin
Grade Level: Sixth
Unit Topic: Plate Tectonics
Time Frame: 1 week
Targeted TEKS/Scopes & Sequence
6.10 D) describe how plate tectonics causes major geological events such as ocean basins,
earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and mountain building
Learning Objectives/Big Ideas:
Boundaries of tectonic plates are the locations, most frequently, of earthquakes,
volcanic eruptions, and mountain building. The movement of tectonic plates is also
responsible for the features of ocean basins.
Grabber (5E: Engagement):
Eruption of underwater volcano in the Pacific
Case Study and Simulated Research Activity (5E: Engagement):
Guiding Questions (5E: Exploration, Explanation, & Elaboration):
What patterns do you see?
Explain you classifications.
How does this relate to the geological events occurring in Iceland?
Student Activities that Engage Students in Scientific Practices (5E: Exploration,
Explanation, & Elaboration):
In groups, students study maps of seafloor age, volcanology, seismology, and
topography. They should be able to classify up to 5 different areas on each map.
Students become an expert on their type of map and then “jigsaw” students.
Assessment (5E: Evaluation):
Students are shown various images of geological formations and tell how they were
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