Lesson 11 Seismic Waves, Richter Scale

Lesson 11 Seismic Waves, Richter Scale
What information is recorded on the
Waves! Seismic waves.
What are seismic waves?
waves produced when the earth's plates release
energy (earthquake).
Can we SEE seismic waves?
No we can't, we can see the effect on the
surroundings like damage to buildings or cracks in
the ground.
Name the 2 types of seismic waves.
Body and surface waves.
P waves and S waves are examples of
which type of seismic wave?
Body waves.
Name 1 example of a surface wave.
L (love) waves.
Which waves are the smallest on a
P waves.
Which waves are the fastest?
P waves.
Which waves cause the MOST
L waves.
P stands for...
S stands for...
Name 3 main facts about P waves.
a) 1st wave b) fastest wave c) can travel through
solids and liquids and gas
Name 3 main facts about S waves.
a) second wave recorded after P wave b) can
move through solids c) they are the 2nd fastest
wave d) can move up and down or side to side like
Name 3 main facts about L waves.
a) travel along the surface of the earth b) they are
the slowest waves c) they cause the most damage
What did we use in class to demonstrate
P and S waves? (hint: it was long and
A coil or Slinky
Can S waves travel through liquids?
No they can't. Only solids.
Do P waves travel through the Earth?
Yes they do. An earthquake on 1 place on the
earth's crust may not be felt on the other side of
the earth but the P waves will be recorded on a
seismogram on other side of earth.
What is the scale called that measures
observable destruction/changes to the
surroundings during an earthquake?
Mercali scale
Explain 1 piece of technology that we
Seismographs. They are located deep in the earth
can use to measure the earth's
on the bedrock and the data is recorded above
ground on a seismogram.
Describe observable differences
between a magnitude 2.5 earthquake
and a magnitude 7.0 earthquake.
In a 2.5 earthquake you will see hanging objects
swing back and forth. In a 7.0 earthquake you will
see broken pipes, cracks in ground and buildings
moved off their foundations.
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