America`s Beginnings: Colonialism to Independence

Blue Ridge Community College
Fall 2012
Dual Enrollment College Composition 111
Room 228, Robert E. Lee High School
Instructor: Mr. Shutt
Website: see Lee High website (faculty)
Email: [email protected]
I. Course Description:
Introduces students to critical thinking and the fundamental of academic writing.
Through the writing process, students refine topics, develop and support ideas;
investigate, evaluate, and incorporate appropriate resources; edit for effective style and
usage; and determine appropriate approaches for a variety of contexts, audiences, and
purposes. Writing activities will include exposition and argumentation with at least one
research essay. Students will also read, discuss, and research American literature and its
respected writers, themes, and historical context. In addition to fulfilling all requirements
for Blue Ridge Community College, students will also fulfill those requirements noted on
the VA SOL for 11th grade.
II. Course Objectives:
 Write a variety of compositional modes including narration, description, definition,
exemplification, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and argumentation.
 Use the writing process approach: prewrite, write, rewrite, and publish
 Write compositions that demonstrate an appropriate sense of audience and purpose for
designated writing assignments which include processed and spontaneous writing.
 Develop paragraphs through details and images arranged in a variety of conventional
forms: spatial, chronological, general to specific, least to most important, etc.
 Employ Standard English syntax, grammar, punctuation, usage, spelling, and
 Read texts: essays, narratives, explanations, reviews, etc. to identify and model rhetorical
conventions and strategies for proposed writing situations.
 Study texts for comprehension and content as a prewriting activity in order to discuss and
share information.
 Read texts to think, experience, and appreciate
 Study of American literature, authors, and history from colonial to post Civil War
Researching and Computing:
 Access research materials, major reference works, library stacks, print and digital
indexes, informational sources via BRCC and VCCS network—to include Internet
sources and databases.
 Develop research-based papers. Projects and presentations from resources accessed
through library and PC sources.
 Produce, edit, and revise texts using networked word processing and other composition
software, such as a networked online handbook.
 Differentiate and use MLA and APA documentation for a variety of textual forms.
III. Value of Assigned Work:
Midterm/Final (of total)
IV. Late Work:
All work should be turned in on time and on the due date. Please see instructor well in
advance for potential extensions. Unexcused late work = 5% for first day.
10% = each day after. Missing work = 0%
V. Blue Ridge Community College Grading Scale:
A = 90-100
D = 60-69
B = 80-89
F = 59 and below
C = 70-79
Conduct Rubric: Robert E. Lee High School
Respectful, cooperative, responsible
Occasional lapses in good behavior
Inappropriate behavior
Repeated Defiance
Writing Requirement: All major writing assignments must be completed in order to
pass the class. You do not have the option of not turning one in.
Holistic Scoring Guide for Essays
A An essay that is excellent contains the following:
* substantial ideas and content and mature style
* clear focus and organization
*effective, creative language use and sentence structure
*strong voice and clear sense of audience
*polished grammar and mechanical conventions
B An essay that is good contains the following:
*competent content /ideas and style
*clear focus and organization
*recognizable voice and sense of audience
*effective language use and sentence structure
*minimal grammar and mechanical mistakes
C An essay that is fair contains the following:
*developing content/ideas and style
*developing clear focus and organization
*minimal language problems
*developing sense of audience and voice
*adequate use of grammar and mechanical conventions
D An essay that is below average contains the following:
*thin in substance and undistinguished in style
*little, if any, focus or organization
*recurring language problems that interfere with reading
*inappropriate or lacking voice or sense of audience
*major sentence errors
F An essay that is unacceptable and failing:
*contains severe weaknesses that render that content incomprehensible
*is the product of plagiarism, severe lateness, or other academic dishonesty
VI. Attendance:
Class attendance is mandatory. Please arrive on time and don’t disrupt the class by
packing up early. If you are absent then it is your responsibility to see me about missing
VII. Academic Honesty:
BRCC’s Academic Honesty Policy is available online at the following address: and states that, “The
functioning of an academic community depends on the integrity of all of its members.
BRCC values truthfulness, respect for the property of others, and honesty in academic
work. Violations include but are not limited to cheating on tests and quizzes,
unauthorized collaboration on assignments, and plagiarism. Violations of these values
may result in permanent dismissal from the College or a “0” for the assignment. The
Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities, located at the address below provide
specific guidelines.
VIII. Expectations:
It is your responsibility to treat others and yourself with respect, and with conduct
appropriate to a college student.
Cell Phones, MP3 Players, PDAs, etc.: TURN EVERYTHING OFF AND PUT IT
ALL AWAY when you are in the classroom. DO NOT EVER make or take a phone call
during class. See Robert E. Lee Student Handbook.
Homework: In addition to noted assignments, you should always be reading and
writing/revising outside of class. This is also a great time to peer edit.
Behavior: Your behavior should exemplify that of a college student who just paid for a
course and is trying to earn college credit. Therefore, demonstrate the following:
 Pay attention and be quiet during instruction; participate!
 Ask questions related to the lesson
 Be to class on time and stay seated until the bell
 I need you in the class, so limit bathroom and water breaks.
Please see Robert E. Lee Handbook for other policies concerning tardy, absences, dress,
language, behavior, etc. Dual Enrollment students must obey both Robert E. Lee
policies and Blue Ridge Community College policies.
IX. Texts and Supplies: notebook, paper, pen or pencil, computer access
Kirszner, Laurie G. and Mandell, Stephen R. Patterns for College Writing A Thetorical
Reader and Guide. 11th ed. Boston: Bedford/St Martin’s, 2010.
* Note: Other reading sources will be supplemented when appropriate.
X. Assignment Schedule (subject to additions and minor subtractions)
Daily assignments: journals, vocabulary, reading, writing, and grammar exercises
Unit 1: August 22 to September 21
Topic: Reflection and Identity
Course Introduction and Policies, Writing Process, Writing Skills
Exemplification Essay (in-class)
(due 9/6)
Narrative-Descriptive Essay (must have a peer’s signature)
(due 9/24)
Journals 1, 2, and 3
Text: Prayer for Owen Meany
Unit 2: September 24 to October 19
Topic: War
Definition Essay (must have a peer’s signature)
(due 10/10)
Revision Essay
(due 10/22)
Journals 4 and 5
Text: Choose 1: Slaughterhouse Five, A Midnight Clear, Killer Angels, Farewell to Arms,
Catch 22, or The Things They Carried
Unit 3: October 22 to November 20
Topic: 50s and 60s
Argue Essay / Research with Revision (must have another teacher’s signature)
(draft 1 due 11/8) and (final draft due 11/19)
Journals 6, 7, and 8
Text: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Unit 4: November 26 January 17
Topic: Power
Cause and Effect Essay (with argue focus) (must have 1 adult signature) (due 12/14)
Compare and Contrast Essay (with argue focus) (must have 1 adult signature)
(due 1/14)
Journals 9, 10, and 11
Texts: Ender’s Game and The Crucible (movie and excerpts from the play)
Essay: Each essay must be at least 500 words of text in MLA format except for the
Argue essay, which must be at least 1500 words in APA format. All essays must be
written! I will give a rubric for each essay. FOLLOW THE RUBRIC! Please type
your essay and submit in class or by midnight of the due date.
Each essay must have a brainstorm and a formal outline! This is part of the grade!
Give yourself time to plan, outline, write, and revise!
Have someone look at your essay before you submit it!
Don’t forget those signatures (or a note). I want you to get used to having others give you
good feedback before you submit your essay.
Journals: Journals are like mini essays. Each journal should be planned and revised before
submitting. All journals should be in MLA format. Pay attention to proper mechanics and
grammar. Each journal must be at least 200 words of text. Journals do NOT need formal outlines
and drafts, but this should be part of your writing process. Submit in class or by midnight!
J1: Respond to writing quote
(due 8/31)
J2: Respond to quote and relate to literature, current events, or history
J3: Respond to Owen Meany
(due 9/21)
J4: Respond to writing quote
(due 10/5)
J5: Respond to War novel
(due 10/19)
J6: Respond to quote and relate to literature, current events, or history
J7: Respond to writing quote
(due 11/9)
J8: Respond to Cuckoo’s Nest
(due 11/20)
J9: Respond to quote and relate to literature, current events, or history
J10: Respond to Ender’s Game
(due 12/18)
J11: Respond to Crucible
(due 1/11/2013)
(due 9/14)
(due 11/2)
(due 12/7)
Rubric for Journals: must be at least 200 words of text in MLA format
Format: MLA
5: Perfect
4: Some mistakes with MLA
3: MLA attempted by full of mistakes
0: No attempt
9-10: Strong focus; mature; specific examples
7-9: Good; examples and focus could be enhanced more
4-5: Weak focus; examples minimal; vague, journal does not meet required length
5: Strong and clear focus; thesis; organized; conclusion, transitions; paragraphs
4: Good; some issues with organization; could use revision
3: Weak and even chaotic; needs revision
5: Few to no errors
4: Some errors but do not distract
3: Needs revision; distracting
1: Complete mess!
*6: You used at least 5 WOW words correctly; varied sentence structure
5: Strong vocabulary; varied sentence structure
4: Attempts at stronger vocabulary and varied sentence structure; could use more
3: Weak vocabulary; monotonous in style
You need a C in the course to continue to English 112.
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