Center for Integrated Live/Virtual/Constructive Experimentation

Project Title: Center for Integrated Live/Virtual/Constructive Experimentation
REF: CERDEC DHPI Proposal for Virtual Electronic Battlefield (VEB) and its
Stimulation of the C4ISR OTM Testbed Live Experimentation Venue
Location: Fort Monmouth and Fort Dix, NJ
Project Description: PM C4ISR OTM is a Research, Development and Engineering
Command (RDECOM) Communications-Electronics Research, Development and
Engineering Center (CERDEC) organization chartered to perform C4ISR systems
integration and Live/Virtual/Constructive experimentation activities on a year-round
basis. PM C4ISR OTM facilities include a relevant environment at Fort Dix, NJ, and
laboratory space with integration and High-Performance Computing capabilities at Fort
Monmouth, NJ. The PM supports Army Future Force development efforts, seeking to
mitigate risk for the Future Combat Systems program, its Complementary programs, and
its Spin Outs. The PM also provides benefit to Current Force transformation through the
identification and exploration of technology acceleration opportunities. As an Army
capital investment, the PM supports both Department of Defense and industry technology
development efforts by providing a test-analyze-fix environment in which systems can be
matured and evaluated in a structured, low-risk manner. During FY2007, PM C4ISR
OTM will conduct a Capstone Experiment focused on the exploration of C4ISR systems
integration challenges and the impact that integrated C4ISR systems have upon force
effectiveness. The Center for Live/Virtual/Constructive (L/V/C) Experimentation
supports the PM’s efforts to assess emerging C4ISR System of Systems (SoS)
technologies, by stimulating the Live experimentation with Constructive and Virtual
simulation, and providing a venue for computationally intensive data reduction and
As part of the summer research project, the cadet/midshipman would be a member of the
Center for L/V/C branch, working side-by-side with experienced systems engineers as
part of the overall experimentation effort. Specific tasks would vary, but would include:
• Maintenance and execution of the High-Performance-Computing Army
Laboratory for Live/Virtual/Constructive Experimentation (H.A.L.L.E.)
• Stimulation of the live experimentation environment at Ft Dix, utilizing
• Architectural assessments enabling implementation, simulation, experimentation
and analysis of Network Centric Warfare constructs
• Providing a persistent, relevant, distributed simulation capability for evaluation of
Current and Future Force concepts
• Stimulation of the Live entities with a simulated C4ISR representation of the full
FCS Combined Arms Battalion, and threat assets not represented in the Live
Executing a subset of the SoS testing on H.A.L.L.E, needed for the summer
experiment, as well as identifying tools that can be used by H.A.L.L.E. in the
computationally intensive data reduction and analysis phase of the experiment.
Background or Skills Required: A background in computer science or systems
engineering, with knowledge of web services and programming languages (C++ or C# or
Java); AIX or Linux; HLA, DIS, and integrated M&S simulation architectures; and
QUALNET or OPNET modeling environments. Knowledge of Design of Experiments
techniques and integrated Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence,
Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) is desired.
Number of Academy Cadets/Midshipmen you can accommodate: 1
Number of Academy Faculty you can accommodate: 1
Requested Duration: 6-8 weeks
Security Clearance Required: Secret
Sponsor Name: May Ly (Primary)
Ray Simmons (Alternate)
Sponsor Phone Number: 732-427-4896 (Primary)
732-427-3776 (Alternate)
Sponsor E-Mail Address: