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Guidelines for Biomes Project
This project has 2 parts: the diorama and a powerpoint slide show to present your research.
You will work in teams of two. Share the work evenly. I will be careful to see that each member
does the same amount of work.
References: We will be using books and the internet. Be sure to check www.nps.gov for the
national parks in your biome. You will need to dig a little for the information. Your first task is
to use the books on reserve and take summary notes.
Temperate/Pacific Coast Rain forest (U.S. Pacific Coast, Olympic National Forest, Washington,
Alaska, Japan)
Tropical Forest (Hawaii, Hawaii National Parks, Haleakala Nat. Park)
Sonoran Desert (Arizona, California, New Mexico, Saguaro National Park)
Temperate grassland - Prairie (US Great Plains, Yellowstone Nat. Park, Custer Nat. Park)
Eastern Temperate Deciduous Forest (New England, Adirondack Park, NY, White Mtns. New
Longleaf Pine Forest-warm temperate conifer forest (Georgia, South Carolina, Atlantic Coastal
Plain Forest)
Kelp Forest - Pacific Ocean (California, Monterey Refuge, ocean biomes)
Coral Reef (Hawaii, Florida, US Virgin Islands, Bermuda, ocean biomes)
Florida Wetland (Everglades National Park)
Great Lakes Dunes - lake/freshwater biome (Sleeping Bear Dunes Nat. Park)
You will have no fewer than 12 slides + 1 slide for references, but may have more if you need extra
Slide 1: Title: name and location(s) of biomes. Names of presenters.
Slide 2: Maps: geographic locations, show world and local maps
Slide 3: A good example of where the biome is found, such as national parks or preserves.
Slide 4: Summarize key points about the biome. How do I know I'm in that biome? Climate (temp.
precip, seasons, etc), other key or fun facts
Slide 5: plant life give examples of typical plants, find details on one interesting/fun plant
use extra slides if needed
Slide 6 animal life give examples of typical animals, find details on one interesting/fun animal
use extra slides if needed
Slide 7 Human Impacts and interaction:
What are some of the issues related to human use or mis-use of the biome?
Slide 8 Natural resources. How do we rely on the biome? What resources do we get from the
Slide 9 Eco-tourism: Are regions containing the biome used by eco-tourists? Examine examples,
problems, benefits of ecotourism.
Slide 10 Biome futures: What does the future hold for this biome? Is it under threat? Impacts?
Slide 11-12: Your commentary about the biome and its issues. What do you think? Why should we
care? What would you do to save or protect the biome?
Slide 13: References: List web and written sources, according to the formats in your plan book.
Put your ppt in:
> groups > 7 science > Doc science > Doc 7 science > Dr. L-biomes 2013 (green folder).
Your project is not complete until I have a digital copy.
Slides: Your slides should have many good photographs and concise text. Be sure to show us
MANY images of your biome and the plants and animals.
Don't use large photos as backgrounds. Use a color background and save the photos for images
on the slide. Don't use weird fonts or colors. Helvetica font and plain solid colors work best.
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