Biome Activities

Biome Activities
Directions: Choose 4 different activities for the 6 biomes. You will
have to do an activity for EACH of the 6 biomes. Some of the
activities you will do for two of the biomes. Use your notes, CRCT
Coach Book, & science textbook! The following information MUST be
included in EACH activity:
 Temperature
 Precipitation
 Location
 Plant life
 Animal life
1. Musical Biomes- Poetry, Rap, Song Lyrics. Include all 5
characteristics of the biome from your notes. You can choose from an
acrostic poem, diamante poem, free verse, or a rhyme pattern.
2. Pictures and Facts- List the five facts of the biome and a picture that
has been labeled and colored. You MUST have 3-5 animals, 3-5 plants
and location.
3. Travel Brochure-Fold paper brochure style. Brochure must include
color photos or pictures (3). Include all 5 facts. What activities are
there? What plants and animals will you see? What to wear? Include a
cover page, example: Swing on over to the Rainforest!
4. Journal Entry- Write a journal entry as if you have traveled to one
of these biomes and write down what you see, smell, hear and
experience. Make sure all 5 facts are listed in your journal entry.
Examples: Sitting by a river in North Carolina, or snowshoeing
through the coniferous forest, or riding a camel in the Sahara. Be
5. Design an animal- Design an animal that is adapted to live in the
biome you choose. Include about its diet, predators, how it eats,
moves, and its habitat. Draw it, color it, and list the 5 facts of your
biome also. Label 3 adaptations the animal has for this biome.