01 Ecology Intro Lesson

Science 10, Factors Affecting Biomes Notes/Question Set
1. Based on what we discussed today, give your definition of a biome. What factors affect the
classification of a biome?
Station 1 Notes:
a. What do you notice along the equator? Which biome is the most common here? What is the
Station 2 Notes:
Station 3 Notes:
Station 4 Notes:
b. Look at the temperate rainforest biomes. (We live in one!) What is similar about their
geological locations? What does this have to do with temperature?
Station 5 Notes:
What does axial tilt have to do with different biomes and their position above or below the
equator? (Latitude)
Station 6 Notes:
What do mountainsides tell us about biomes and elevation?