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Semantic E-Business and Enterprise Computing (SEEC 2010)
15th – 17th September 2010
Track 1
15th September 2010 - Wednesday – 14.00 to 17.00
Advanced Highway’s Toll Collection System
Vishal Panchbhai, Kapil Wankhade,
Snehlata Dongre, Rakesh Kawale and
Prashant Adakane
A Modified protocol for Efficient Signature Generation and
Bibhudendu Panda and Prof P.M
verification scheme for smart card using ECDLP
Chaotic Image and Audio Encryption Design Using Higher
R.Gnana Jeyaraman and K.Sekar.
Dimensional Chaotic Map and Tompkins-Paige Algorithm
S. Uma Maheswari and Dr. V. Leela
P2P Overlay Maintenance Protocol
Performance Evaluation on Mobile Payment Consortia
System (MPCS)
The Design and Implementation of Testable Integration
Architecture for Complex Distributed Systems
S.Britto R.Kumar and S.Albert Rabara
B. Makoond, S. Ross Talbot and S.
Track 2
16th September 2010 – Thursday – 11.30 to 13.00
Feature Extraction Based English to Kannada
Malayalam Text Classification Using an Enhanced N-gram
Antony P.J, Ajith V.P and Soman K.P
Bindu.M.S and Sumam Mary Idicula
Based Vector Space Model for Health Applications
Pass Pattern Scheme Using Magic Square Encryption for
Dr. P. Kumaravel, S. K. Mohana
User Authentication
Sundaram and S. Ramraj
Link Based Association Rule Mining
Siva Ramakrishna Sakshi and
LakshmiJayasri Akkiraju
Track 3 (Parallel Session)
16th September 2010 – Thursday – 15.30 to 16.30
Web Personalization Using Web Mining Process
Mobile Ad hoc Networks Security, Challenges and Solutions
A tradeoff between template size reduction and
computational accuracy in Iris Patterns Recognition using
Neural Networks
Vijay Kumar Damera, P S.S. Varma,
Shyam Sunder Pabboju, and Praneeth
R.Revathi and R.Rampriya
M. Gopikrishnan and Dr. T.
Track 3 (Parallel Session)
16th September 2010 – Thursday – 15.30 to 16.30 (Study Hall)
Automation Vehicle for Sea Port Security
Mr.C.Rahul and Ms. V. Rajalakshmi
iMetrics – Intelligent Metrics Monitoring, Control, and
Analysis System
Efficient Key Distribution Protocol for Group
Ajay Jain
Dynamic SOA Runtime Governance using Semantic Web
Rajesh Devadas, Swaminathan
Venkataraman and Dr.K.Iyakutti
Service Composition through Web Service Intermediary
Amit N. Thakare and Shubhangi R.
Track 4 (Poster)
16th September 2010 – Thursday – 16.30 to 17.30
Robotic Legs
K.Subba Reddy, D.Lakshmi
Srinivasulu and M.V.Bramhananda
S.Rajinieraj and M.Sivakumar
An Architecture for Business Logic Properties Evaluation
M. Thirumaran, P. Dhavachelvan, B.
Saranya, and D.Viswabharathi
Wireless Physical Layer Security: DSSS
B.Bhaskara Rao, Y.Ramesh and
Data Mining Application in SQL-Query Processing Strategy
Proposed Model for Effective Testing of Web Services Based
K. Arockia Jackulin Punitha, A.
on Ontology
Askarunisa and A.M.Abirami
Web knowledge based grid: agent based workflow education
for university to access grid data resource in distributed
Mobile Robots and Automation
Muqeem Ahmed, S.A.M. Rizvi, and S.
Zeeshan Hussain
S.Dinesh Kumar and S.Rajinieraj
Self-Organizing Map for Analysis of SARS Corona Virus
Francis Thamburaj and Gopinath
Track 5 (Parallel Session)
17th September 2010 – Friday – 10.30 to 13.00
An approach for the Testability of SOA and other
O Altalabani and S Khaddaj
Component-Based Distributed Systems
User-Centered Interactive Web based Image Retrieval: User
Veningston. K, Beaulah David, and
Profile based Image Re-Ranking Approach
Naveen Sundar
Clustering and Sequential Pattern Mining of Learning Data
Compression of Speech Signals: LBG Algorithm
M.Suman, M. Satya Sai Ram, and Dr.
Habibulla Khan
A Study on SOA-Sponsored Process Implementation and
S.RajaRaajeswari and Pethuru Raj
Improvement of MLCC Process
Finding the Number of Clusters in Unlabeled Datasets using
Srinivasulu Asadi and O.Obulesu
Extended Dark Block Extraction (EDBE)
Track 5 (Parallel Session)
17th September 2010 – Friday – 10.30 to 13.00 (Study Hall)
Embedded Technology
S.Hariharan and Santhosh Shankar
Information retrieval in Peer to Peer networks: Query
processing at Nodes
Iris Recognition & Personal Authentication System Improve
Optimized DST for Reduced Encumbrance over Wireless
Ad-Hoc Environment
Optimization of hyperblock by using predicate Control Flow
Self-Help Group Management System
D.Aruna Kumari, Dr.K.Raja Sekhar
Rao, Y.Madhavi latha, and
Anil Rajput,Manmohan Singh,
Shivshakti Shrivastava, and Megna
J. Amudhavel, P.Dhavachelvan, and
S.K.V. Jayakumar
Sweta Verma, Dr. Ranjit Biswas, and
Prof. J. B. Singh
Syed Mudassar, Mirza Imran Ali ,
Komal Salian, Delsie Sequeirra, and
Tanvi Kadukar
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