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The City of Redlands uses the automated collection system to collect green waste from
over 16,000 single family residences one time per week. Following these basic guidelines
will ensure efficient collection of your green waste:
Separate placement and collection of your organic green waste materials is
required in the City of Redlands.
Green Waste is defined by Redlands Municipal Code as yard waste; including
grass cuttings, prunings, tree branches, leaves, untreated wood, sawdust, and other
discarded plant material from private and/or public areas. It does not include
palm fronds, cactus, or tree limbs and stumps larger than six inches in diameter.
All refuse, green waste, and recycling containers should be placed for collection
prior to 6:00 A.M. of your regular collection day to avoid being missed.
Collection can occur at any time between 6:00 A.M. and 2:30 P.M. or later, and
can change from week to week. Three different trucks will pass your residence to
collect three different types of waste throughout the day. A missed collection
must be reported to our office within 24 hours of your regular collection day to
receive a make-up collection. Credits are not issued for missed collections that are
not reported.
Containers should be placed curbside at least 3 feet from any obstacle, such as a
parked car or fence, and at least 1 foot from other containers.
A separate container, marked YARD WASTE ONLY, is provided to each single
family residence. Additional containers are available, please contact our customer
service group at 909-798-7529 for more information.
Certain exceptions to this program exist if you meet the qualifications. Call us for
more details.
Contaminated green waste containers cannot be collected by your driver. If
contamination is found prior to collection, your container will be tagged with a
green tag by the driver and left. Once you have removed the contaminates, you
can request a special pickup at a charge of $18.15, or place your container out the
following week for regular collection.
PLEASE NOTE: Plastic lawn bags are a contaminate and should never be placed
in your green waste container.
As will all containers, green waste may never exceed the upper perimeter of the
The City of Redlands distributed 90-gallon containers for automated recycling to
over 16,000 single-family residences during May of 2002. The City anticipates
increasing the amount of waste that is recycled due to increased convenience of
providing residents with wheeled carts. Materials acceptable for recycling and
materials that contaminate your recycling cart are listed below.
All paper that is not food contaminated
office paper
junk mail
colored paper
computer paper
paper bags
paper egg cartons
phone books
cereal boxes (with liner removed)
Aseptic packaging (juice drink boxes)
wrapping paper (no foil or metallic type)
paper six-pack and twelve-pack containers
cardboard boxes (cut up to fit inside the container)
All glass containers
All cans (tin, steel, bi-metal, aluminum)
All plastic containers (Number 1 - 7)
bubble wrap
drinking glasses
potato chip bags
waxed milk cartons
food contaminated paper
light bulbs
plastic bags
rubber garden hoses
swimming pool covers
disposable diapers
plastic house wares
used oil
window or safety glass
packing peanuts/foam
Cleaning out your garage or shop, re-modeling your home or business? Temporary rolloff container service is available at your residence or place of business to meet your
special disposal needs. We offer five (5) different size containers, with a multi-tiered
pricing system based upon the type of waste you need to dispose of. The following
guidelines apply to this service:
Roll-off containers are placed at the requested location and left for seven
days beginning the day after delivery. For example, if the container is delivered
on a Friday, it will be picked up the following Friday. Each day after the seventh
(7) day will result in an additional charge of $27.23 per day.
Delivery and pickup of the container can occur anytime between 6:00 am
and 2:30 pm. If a container is not ready when the driver arrives for pickup, a trip
charge of $18.15 will be assessed for a return trip. If you cancel your request
after a container has been delivered, a trip charge of $18.15 will be assessed.
Any change in delivery or pickup scheduling of a container should be made
prior to 5:00 pm of the working business day (please refer to business hours
below) before the requested delivery day to avoid any scheduling conflicts.
The customer shall be responsible for any and all damages to a container
during the service period.
DO NOT play in or around the container. DO NOT use the container for
storage of items not intended for disposal. The customer shall be responsible for
anything placed in the container, whether by themselves or by another party,
once the container has been placed at the requested service location.
Containers must be placed on a hard, level surface. The container may be
placed on an asphalt or concrete driveway, if requested. However, the City
DOES NOT accept any liability for any damage to the driveway, which may be
caused by the placement or removal of the container from the requested service
location. All containers requested to be placed in an alley require approval from
Solid Waste Division personnel. The City reserves the right to make final
determination as to the placement of all roll-off containers.
NOTHING placed in the container for disposal may exceed the top
perimeter of the container. Overloaded containers will not be picked up. The
container must be off-loaded by the customer. Additional charges may apply.
Heavy materials, such as dirt, rock, concrete, sand, or sod may only be
loaded 15” to 18” deep, end to end, in any size container. Maximum weight limit
of materials placed in the container for disposal is 10 tons. Any container that is
deemed too heavy to pickup must be off-loaded by the customer.
To optimize container capacity, loading should be done uniformly, placing
bulky items strategically within the container.
10. It is illegal to dispose of hazardous waste, including universal waste
(computers, televisions, VCR’s or other types of electronics) in a municipal or
county landfill. DO NOT place any type of hazardous waste in the container.
Hazardous waste includes, but is not limited to: paint, batteries, pesticides, motor
oil, etc.
11. It is illegal to dispose of metallic discards (white goods) in a municipal or
county landfill. Metallic discards are items that contain large amounts of
recyclable metals such as washing machines, dryers, hot water heaters, or items
that contain refrigerant, such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Special
arrangements may be made for the collection and recycling of these types of
items at a charge to the customer by the City. Referral sources are available.
12. It is illegal to dispose of tires in a municipal or county landfill. Any container
found to contain tires will not be picked up until they have been removed. If tires
are found after the removal and dumping of the container, an additional charge of
$6.05 per tire will be assessed.
13. Any specifically requested “green waste only” container found to contain
materials other than organic green waste or untreated wood waste, as defined by
Redlands Municipal Code, will be charged the corresponding roll-off capacity
charge for refuse, plus a charge of $30.25 Nails are acceptable. Treated wood
waste (creosote wood, copper chromated arsenate, or railroad ties) is prohibited.
Palm fronds, cactus, yucca, and bamboo are NOT considered green waste.
14. Asbestos may not be disposed of in any City of Redlands solid waste
container. Referral sources are available.
If you have any questions regarding the above instructions, please contact the
Customer Service Office at (909) 798-7529. Our office is open 7:30 am to 5:30 p.m.
Monday through Thursday, with the office closed every Friday.
Green Waste
And Demolition
10 cubic yards
8' x 16' x 2' high
15 cubic yards
8' x 18' x 3' high
20 cubic yards
8' x 18' x 4' high
30 cubic yards
8' x 18' x 6' high
40 cubic yards
8' x 20' x 7' high
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