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Application for Funding 2014
$500 Mini-Grants Available
For Health Promotion Activities Targeting Men in Cambridge
Funding for this initiative is provided through the Men’s Health League, a community partnership to
promote men’s health in and around the Cambridge community. The program seeks to reduce the
incidence of diabetes and heart disease in men through innovative health and wellness activities that
are based in local neighborhoods.
The Men’s Health League is seeking applications for funding from grassroots and community organizations,
churches, businesses, schools, universities and city organizations in Cambridge to develop awareness
campaigns or ongoing activities that improve the health of men . This grant is designed to help launch or
stabilize a project which can then be sustained beyond the length of the grant. The grant may also be
used to engage more men of color in an existing health program in order to address the disparity that men
of color experience a disproportionate rate of disease, disability and premature death as compared to white
Priority will be given to applicants who:
 already serve men on a regular basis
 propose innovative efforts beyond just distributing health information
 target men of color
 address health issues related to fatherhood
 are committed to sustaining their project beyond the length of this grant
Examples of targeted health priorities might include, but are not limited to: violence prevention, mental
health, fatherhood, dental health, fitness, nutrition. Possible activities might include: advertising campaign,
father/child activity, policy change, athletic event, support group.
The Men’s Health League will provide:
A) $500 to cover project expenses
B) Technical Assistance: 3 consultations to help with planning, marketing, implementing and sustaining the
proposed project
Awardees must agree to the following:
Designate one staff person to organize and implement the project
Attend an orientation meeting, date TBD
Implement the proposed project no later than November 28, 2014
Submit a summary report of the project and complete a brief evaluation survey by December 31,
2014 (250 words)
Attend one follow-up meeting to share projects with other grantees, and or community members.
Important Dates / Deadlines:
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 12:00pm -An informational session will be held at the Windsor Street Health
Center, 119 Windsor St. (Ground Level). Potential applicants are encouraged to attend the session.
Friday, May 16, 2014 at 4:00pm- Deadline for the submission of grant applications. Proposals should be
typed and no longer than three pages (see application and budget format below).
Late May- Date for notifying successful applicants
Date TBD – Orientation meeting for grantees.
Sites must agree to implement their project by November 28, 2014
Please submit proposals:
By Mail: Attention: Albert W. Pless Jr. Cambridge Public Health Department 119 Windsor St. (Ground
Level), Cambridge, MA 02139
By Fax: 617-665-3888
By Email: [email protected]
Men’s Health League Mini-Grants Proposal Application Form
Deadline for Receipt of Proposals: Friday, May 16, 2014
Name of Organization: ______________________________________________________________
Name of Contact Person: ___________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________ Fax: _______________
E-mail:_________________________________ Website___________________
1. Briefly describe your organization, its mission and membership/target population. Why do you think
men’s health programming is important for your members?
2. Briefly describe your project and consider the following questions in your response: a) what is the
objective(s) of the project? b) What will you do? c) How many men will be reached? d) Who will perform
the work? e) When and where will your activities occur? f) How do you plan to engage men in your effort?
g) How will this project increase the capacity of your organization to address men’s health h) How will
you know if you have reached your objective(s)?
3. Please identify the person (by name and/or role) who will implement your project and serve as the
liaison to the Men’s Health League. This person will be responsible for planning and implementing the
program, writing a brief report and completing an evaluation summary.
4. What type of demonstrated support, if any, is there for the project from your organization’s
5. What challenges do you anticipate in implementing your project and how will you overcome them? What
help might you need from the Men’s Health League?
6. What potential do you see for sustainability of the project or its effects beyond the grant?
Project Budget
Provide an itemized budget for your program, using the table below. You must include line item costs and a
brief description for each line item.
Other Expenses (list and explain)
Amount Requested
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