Pastoral Measure Code of Practice Annex 10D
December 2009
Form of Bishop’s directions for the disposal of monuments and memorials
commemorating deceased persons not buried in the church or churchyard
Pastoral Measure 1983
Closed Church Building of ______________________
Diocese of ______________________
Bishop’s directions on the future of tombstones, monuments and memorials
A [Pastoral Church Buildings] [Pastoral (Church Buildings Disposal)] [Redundancy]
Scheme dated the
day of
authorised the [Church
Commissioners] [
Diocesan Board of Finance] to [sell] [give] [exchange] [lease]
[license] the closed church building and [part of] the churchyard for ________________.
The Pastoral Measure provides that [the site of] a closed church building or land should not
be demolished, sold or leased without the [Arch] Bishop, after consultation with the
Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC), directing what is to happen
to the monuments or memorials situated in the building or land that commemorate deceased
persons not buried within the building or land, or dispensing with this requirement.
Following consultation with the DAC, I, ________________, [Arch] Bishop of
______________ direct that all such monuments or memorials shall be disposed of [as
follows:][as set out on the attached schedule.]
Signed ___________________________
([Arch] Bishop’s signature)
Date _____________________________