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Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011
The Church Commissioners have agreed to issue an explanatory note to all
interested parties at publication stage of a draft scheme under the Mission and
Pastoral Measure 2011 which makes provision for the future of a church building.
This is to enable interested parties to make a reasoned judgement on the merits of
the draft scheme and, if they see fit, a reasoned expression of support or objection to
The Building
St David’s is a modest 1960s building constructed of brick with a steeply pitched tile
roof. The rectangular nave with shallow side chapels has rectangular windows, whilst
the chancel features an apsidal east end. There is also a west lobby and south vestry
block with flat roofs. Outside there is a car park and lawned gardens, but no burials.
Adjacent to the church building, on the north side, is the church hall. The internal
fittings (benches, pulpit, lectern and altar) are largely original.
The views of the Commissioners’ statutory advisors
The Statutory Advisory Committee of the Church Buildings Council did not consider
St David’s to be of significance architecturally or to have value as a heritage asset.
The Committee advised that it would raise no objection to demolition of the church.
The Proposals
The deteriorating condition of the building and the high cost of repairs have led the
parochial church council to seek closure, with the longer term intention being to
demolish the church and sell the site to raise the funds needed to develop the church
hall as a combined worship and community centre.
The Commissioners now consider it appropriate to publish a draft Pastoral (Church
Buildings) Scheme providing for the demolition of St David’s and the sale of the
cleared site. Anyone who wishes has the right to make a representation for or against
any provision of the draft Scheme. If no representations against the Scheme are
received, the Commissioners shall make the Scheme.
Norman Bilsborough
Church House
London SW1P 3AZ
24 February 2014
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