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Web Based Parent Communications
“The Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time”
Our objective is to positively contribute to the MiCase Member School Districts’ overall
goal of swift and accurate communication with parents and staff.
Your Honeywell Instant Alert for Schools is a Hosted web based communication
service designed to provide School Administrators a way to rapidly, effectively and
accurately reach every student’s family. This service allows schools to send 10,000 voice
messages and 6400 email messages per minute!
Features: Alert Scheduling- schedule the alert’s sending date and time
Alert Attachments- attach documents to emails
Integrate with MiCase student data and others
Recorded Voice Alerts or Automated voice messages!
Unlimited Alerts and Unlimited Groups
Includes 24 hour “live person” Support Center (located in US)
Instant Alert for Schools is now helping over 130 school districts in Michigan get
important information to their parents and faculty in minutes. Instant Alert already serves
22 districts affiliated with MiCase in this local area.
Instant Alert for schools is used for emergencies and routine communications such as:
Power Failures
Parent Conference Reminders
Late Buses
Pandemics Events
Volunteer Groups
Picture Day
Snow Days
Staff In Service Days
Staff Reminders
Classroom messages
2 hour Delays
Bomb Threats
Truancy calls
Event Trip reminders
Library Returns
Friday Announcements Construction progress reports
Early Dismissal
Sports Team Schedules Food Acct. Notice
Most Michigan Districts have funded Instant Alert with cost savings from their existing
budgets or outside funding sources that we can help you identify.
The MiCase consortium will allow participating districts to fund at:
$1.75 per student per year for unlimited use (staff is free).
This includes installation and on-site training.
Honeywell Instant Alert for Schools can be customized to fit your school needs:
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