How to Setup Search Based Alerts for Daily or - Ronna

How to Setup Search Based Alerts for Daily or Weekly
The purpose of Search Based Alerts is to get notified whenever something new gets indexed
(by the SP Search Engine), based on a search term you specify. Say for instance, that you
would like to get notified whenever a new "Afghanistan" document gets indexed.
You have an APAN account.
You have logged in to
You have access to the site, list, or document library that you want to receive alerts on.
Go to the site, list, or document library.
Search for Keyword(s). Locate the Search drop down box. In the drop down box, select
the appropriate setting (This List, This Site). Enter your keyword(s) into the search box.
Click the magnifying glass to begin the search.
3. Click Alert Me link in upper left of Search Results screen.
4. Setup New Alert. Set each of the four areas as you need them and the click the OK
a. Alert Title. Give this alert a name you will make it obvious why you’re receiving
(Ex. SiteName: List Name – Keyword)
b. Send Alerts To. You can setup alerts for yourself, multiple users, or SP User
c. Change Type. Specify the type of changes you want to be alerted to.
d. When to Send Alerts. Specify how often you want to be alerts (daily or weekly).
5. Alert Notification. After the alert is setup, you will receive an email stating that you
have been subscribed to an alert.
Hints, Tips and Tricks
Creating an alert that sends to a group requires that the group have email enabled.