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Social Studies, Grade 7, Colonization and Settlement
U.S. History: America in the World. All students will acquire the knowledge and skills to think analytically about how past and present
interactions of people, cultures, and the environment shape the American heritage. Such knowledge and skills enable students to make informed
decisions that reflect fundamental rights and core democratic values as productive citizens in local, national, and global communities.
Era Revolution and the New Nation (1754-1820)
B. Geography, People, and the Environment
Essential Questions
How does conflict lead to
What factors shape our
values and beliefs?
Enduring Understandings
Geography influences culture,
opportunities, choices, interests,
and skills in the development of
Natural resources can shape the
evolution of a society and/or cause
a civilization to flourish/fail.
Content Statements
Disputes over political
authority and economic
issues contributed to a
movement for
independence in the
Cumulative Progress
6.1. 8.B.3.a
6.1. 8.B.3.b
6.1. 8.B.3.c
6.1. 8.B.3.d
RH.6-8.1-4 4, 7, 10
The fundamental principles
of the United States
Constitution serve as the
foundation of the United
States government today.
Activities and Student Experiences
To assist in meeting this standard, students may:
1. Create an illustration depicting the three political factions (patriots,
loyalist, and neutral) that existed during the American Revolution.
Include the Native American tribe’s alliances.
2. Research how the geography and knowledge of the colonies helped the
Continental Army win the Revolution.
3. Analyze and evaluate reasons why battles were primarily fought within
the colony of New Jersey through the use of diagrams charts.
4. Compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation and the United States
5. Compare battle sites of the American Revolution and explain how Patriot
military leaders were able to use guerilla tactics to their advantage.
6. Analyze photographs of battle scenes to explain the success or failures of
the Patriots/Loyalists.
Desired Results
Teacher Resources
Students will gain an understanding of the principles of
American democracy and the role government plays in
Treaty of Alliance with France
Social Studies, Grade 7, Colonization and Settlement
people’s lives.
Assessments: To show evidence of meeting this standard,
students may:
 Illustrated Political Map
 Research Findings (presentation of any teacher desired
 Charts/Diagrams
Virginia Plan
Voting Record of the Constitutional Convention, 1787
Constitutional Convention Records (346 pages)
Franklin Sheet from the 4th Edition of the Map of the British Colonies in North
America with the Roads, Distances, Limits and Extent of the Settlements , 1775
Images of the American Revolution
Equipment Needed
LCD Projector
Promethean Board
Trade books, magazines, newspapers, & textbooks
Time related maps
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