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PVCA Membership Application
Annual dues for membership are:
$10.00 for active (public/non-profit organization) members,
$400.00 for sustaining associate members,
$5.00 for student members.
Membership dues for the following year are included in the registration fee for the annual
statewide training conference (held each Fall). You do not have to be a current member
to attend the conference. Members receive a printed newsletter during the year and also
have access to the email discussion forum. If you would like to apply for membership
prior to the conference, please complete the following information and mail this form
along with a check to the address below.
ADDRESS Line 1:__________________________________
ADDRESS Line 2:__________________________________
ADDRESS Line 3:__________________________________
PHONE NO._______________________________________
Membership Options:
_____ Active (Public Agency/Non profit) $10.00/year
_____ Sustaining Associate $400.00/year
_____ Associate (Student) $5.00
Please make check payable to: PA Vector Control Association and mail this form and
payment to:
Ms. Carmen L. Reichard
c/o Mercer County Rodent Control Program
2491 Highland Road
Hermitage, PA 16148