David - Patron Saint of Wales (notes) - Seventh


David - Patron Saint of Wales


The PowerPoint files and accompanying script files for the "David - Patron Saint of Wales" programme are intended only for illustrated lectures, where the script is read aloud and is accompanied by pictures on a screen. For this purpose alone the files may be freely copied and, if necessary, modified to suit specific circumstances. Neither the programme as a whole or any part of it may be used in a commercial product. Files are available to download freely from the web-site of the British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists:


Technical Requirements

A computer, video projector, and PowerPoint programme are all required to show this programme. All of the photographs used in the presentation have been inserted into the

PowerPoint presentation at a maximum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Video projectors of a higher resolution than this will not improve on the quality of the images.

Programme Suggestions

Decorate the church or hall with:

Welsh flag

Daffodils (note that daffodils are known as "Blodau Dewi" or "Cenin Dewi" in Welsh, that is "David's Flowers", or "David's Leeks".)



Get someone to wear:

A Welsh costume

A monk's costume with a staff

Use the following hymns:

Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah

For all the Saints

Tallis Canon (sung as a four or eight-part round)

Find a Welsh speaker who can:

Read in Welsh

Pray in Welsh


Key sounds in Welsh

dd = "th" as in "the" th = "th" as in "Smith" ch = "ch" as in the Scottish pronunciation of "loch" ll = "hl" an aspirated "l". Make as if to say "l" as in "lid" say, but breathe out as if you are saying "hid" y in the middle of a word = "u" as in "up" (with a few exceptions in common use) y in the last syllable of a word = "ee", as in "reed" c = hard "c" or "k" as in "coat" f = "v" as in "dove" ff = "f" as in "feet"


In Welsh the emphasis is generally put on the penultimate syllable: Tregaron, Brefi, Faiddog.

Words in audio file on web-site:

Part One

Carn Llidi


Coetan Arthur


Vita Dauidis


Llanbadarn Fawr



Capel y Gwrhyd






Porth Mawr

Fynnon Dewi

Part Two




Llanddewi Brefi



Edward Llwyd

Ty Gwyn






Clegyr Boia

Fynnon Faiddog

Aeddan Maeddog


Giraldus Cambrensis





Vout Clegyr Boia


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Acknowledgements and Thanks

I am grateful to several individuals who have helped me in the production of this programme:

Mrs Mary Kapon, my secretary in the Communication department of the British Union

Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, who by now can spot my mistakes before I even make them.

Dr Robert Surridge, my brother and co-author of a previous programme on "The Seven

Churches of the Apocalypse". His understanding of the PowerPoint medium and the art of the illustrated lecture has helped me iron out several sections which were just not "flowing" properly.

Dr Brian Phillips, who brought to my attention some of the more obscure passages in Wade-

Evans English translation of Rhigyfarch's Life of St David.

Mrs Lynda Baildam, Assistant Librarian at the Newbold College Library, who tracked down the 1923 version of Wade-Evans English translation of Rhigyfarch's Life of St David.

Pastor Islwyn Rees, a seasoned practitioner of the illustrated slide lecture, who was able to offer helpful comments of both a stylistic and factual nature.

Pastor Victor Hulbert, who now has many years of experience with the spoken word through the medium of radio.

My family, who have visited and re-visited numerous historical and religious sites with me over the years on the pretext of "going for a walk".

Of course the script is still far from perfect and for this failing I take full responsibility myself. Were it not for the help of the people listed above however it would be considerably less perfect than it is now.

John Surridge

January 2002