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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Industrial Liaison Program
Minds, Machines & Management Conference, Vienna Austria 24 – 26/27 March 2015
ICT Conference, Boston USA 28 April – 1 May 2015
Application Form for Travel Subsidy
Please indicate which Conference this application relates to;
☐ Minds, Machines & Management Conference, Vienna 24 – 26/27 March 2015
☐ ICT Conference, Boston 28 April – 1 May 2015
Welsh Government will take a small number of delegates to the above conferences under its
membership of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program.
Welsh Government is offering a subsidy of up to 50% to contribute to specific travel related
costs (air fares, hotel and transfers) to attend either of the conferences above.
Welsh Government will run a simple selection process. Companies interested in attending the
conference need to outline the specific benefits they are looking to achieve for their company.
Attending companies must be willing to participate in a short “before and after survey” this will
help Welsh Government gauge the effectiveness of the programme.
Company name
Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact phone Number
Description of business
Number of full time employees
Please outline your business goals for the next 12 – 36 months. (Word count guide 100 words)
Please outline the current main issues or challenges facing your organisation. (Word count
guide 100 words)
Please outline the benefits to your organisation of joining this mission. Please make specific
reference to how you expect to use the information obtained at the Conference once you return
to your organisation. (Word count guide 300 words)
As part of the Boston mission, it may be possible to arrange specific meetings for you with MIT
faculty. Please give details of what areas or issues interest you and name any specific MIT
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staff members / departments / labs of interest to your organisation.
Please email your completed form to [email protected] by 1700
hours on 3 March 2015
Company representative:
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