Whizz around Wales overview

Language, Literacy and Communication
Mathematical Development
Oracy-TALK, Talk partners, Role play: My favourite place in Wales,
My family comes from, I holiday in…, Welsh café
Reading- Phonic focus, blending, h/f words, Welsh authors e.g Rob
authors, Welsh folk tales, rhyming words, fictional focus
Writing- Retelling welsh stories, narrative writing e.g. diaries, letters
to Jac, descriptive writing or reports of locations, poems, building
vocabulary (VCOP)
Data Handling: My favourite place in Wales, farm and pet animals.
Money and shops.
Sorting farm animals. Measures.
Shape, position and movement e.g. following directions on the farm.
Repeating patterns.
Physical Development
Focus on PESS Gymnastics for first
half term.
Play to Learn Games for second half
Welsh folk dance for Eisteddfod
Knowledge and Understanding of
the world
Compare and contrast different
localities, village, farm, coast.
Comparing world of work – mining
Animals – similarities and differences.
Spring and new life.
Creative Development
Whizz around Wales
Activities planner
Welsh Language Development
Y Cafi Coffi
Y Siop Gaeaf
Y Tywydd
Ga i?
Dw i’n hoffi, Dw I ddim yn hoffi……
Beth wyt ti eisiau?
Welsh folk dance for Eisteddfod
Welsh artists: landscapes, man made and
natural, 3D clay, textiles
Music: folk music, welsh composers modern
and old Paul Mealor, Evan James and James
James composing
Personal and Social Development
Seal theme 4 Going for Goals
Circle time etc Themes:
Taking responsibility – for their successes and
when things go wrong
Waiting for what they want; persistence
(keeping going)
Resilience – bouncing back or maintaining
effort through a difficult experience or after
a mistake or failure
Setting and achieving goals
Religious Education
Living things
Creation story
Noah’s Ark
Parables of Jesus
Suggested trips
Ynysangharad Park
Carddiff Museum
Rhondda Heritage Park
Home School Links
Clay: parents invited to make
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