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Spanish Travel Writing
A Bibliography
Professor Steve Watson
York St John University
United Kingdom
This bibliography is an attempt to bring together, for the first time, a definitive list of
publications within the travel writing genre on Spain in the English language. It spans the period
from the eighteenth century to the end of the twentieth, and includes for the most part books
by British and American authors, though with some notable exceptions. I am confident that it
covers at least 95% of the material available in print. Where there are omissions these are likely
to be for books published in the United States in the twentieth century, although many of these
are included. The bibliography has not yet been cross-checked against the catalogue of
Foulche-Delbosc (1920 edn), and this will be done when time permits.
Books have been listed where they have a significant travel element, which means that they
contain accounts of subjective engagements with movement from place to place or,
occasionally, a particular place, although in the latter case it is the engagement rather than a
description of the place per se that is counted as travel writing. Histories or descriptions of
place that do not reflect personal experience are not included, although with the latter there are
inevitably some grey areas. Travel guides are not included unless, again, these are personalised
accounts or based on personal experience, though grey areas exist here also. Books have been
included where Spain is one of a number of countries covered, these most often being
Portugal, France, Italy or parts of North West Africa.
Dates of publication where possible are for the first edition of each book, otherwise the edition
is specified. Where books have been identified from secondary sources some bibliographical
or publication details may be missing.
Many of these books are available in hard copy through libraries and the book trade and many
more have been digitized and can be found through internet searches. Some, however, remain
elusive and are listed for completeness rather than ready availability.
I would be grateful for any information on omissions and inaccuracies.
SW, April 2015
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Bourgoanne, Jean-François, baron de, 1748-1811. (1790) Travels in Spain: containing a new,
accurate, and comprehensive view of the present state of that country. To which are
added copious extracts from the Essays on Spain of M. Peyron ... Tr. from the French ...
3 volumes
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