SIETAR Europa Bulgaria Proposal Title of Presentation


Creating Cultural Bridges with Gulf Arabs

SIETAR Europa Bulgaria Proposal

Title of Presentation

Creating Cultural Bridges with Gulf Arabs

Presenters' Contact Information

1. Layla Al Bloushi

President SIETAR Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates [email protected]

2. Abdulhamied Alromaithy

Global Learning Academy

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates [email protected]

3. Dianne Hofner Saphiere

Nipporica Associates LLC/

Kansas City, USA [email protected]

Brief Session Write-up

This session will benefit attendees in two ways: you will develop your knowledge about how to work more effectively with Gulf Arab colleagues, and at the same time you will become acquainted with a new training tool called Cultural

Detective(r) (, designed to introduce the concepts and strategies for effectiveness across cultures.

During this session participants will gain an understanding of core Arab Gulf values, and learn how these cultural values play out in real life with real people by working in small groups to analyze critical incidents from around the world involving Israelis. The debrief tool is a visual/graphic, enabling more holistic (rather than purely linear) analysis. As trainers participating in the group, they will learn a new method for introducing culture, intercultural competence, and cultural bridging.

Cultural Detective has been used with resounding success in some of the world's largest corporations for twelve years. It is newly available as a downloadable, ready-to-go training material for 33 cultures, authored by some of the world's leading intercultural specialists.

The session will involve 1/3 presentation, 1/3 exercise, and 1/3 discussion.