The American Revolution

1776: Washington’s Narrow Escape
Washington Faces Largest British Army Ever
Battle of Long Island
Battle of Trenton, Christmas 1776
Battle of Princeton
Winter at Morristown
Major Campaigns in New York and New Jersey, 1776–1777
America, 8th Edition
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American Society at War
• Choosing Sides
• Militia and Army
• Financing the War Effort
1777: Setbacks for the British
• The British Plan
– Would launch a three-pronged attack on New York
– Prong one, south from Canada
– Prong two, east from western New York
– Prong three, up the Hudson River from New York
• The Battle of Saratoga
– The importance of Saratoga
1778: Both Sides Regroup
• War in the East in 1778
– General Clinton replaces Howe
– Washington winters in Valley Forge
• Western Successes for the Colonials
Southern Campaign
• Reasons to Move South
• Reasons for Lack of British Success in the
• The Battle of Camden, South Carolina
• The Battle of Kings Mountain
• The Battle of Cowpens
• The Battle of Yorktown
– The result
Major Campaigns in the South, 1778–1781
America, 8th Edition
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Negotiations for Peace
• Negotiators
• Problems with Our Allies
• America Enters into Solo Negotiations with
Great Britain
• The Treaty of Paris, 1783
The Political Revolution
• Republican Ideology
• Changes to State Governments
• Crafting the Articles of Confederation
The Social Revolution
Equality and Its Limits
The Paradox of Slavery
The Status of Women
Indians and the Revolution
Freedom of Religion
Emergence of an American Culture
• Independence Day
• The Appearance of American Nationalism
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