Exhibition The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes

Exhibition The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes
24 April 2013
26 photos in an outdoor exhibition in Crystal Garden in Sofia from 24 April to 8 May demonstrate
the unique nature and biodiversity of the Eastern Rhodopes. The exhibition is organized by New
Thracian Gold – Bulgaria Foundation.
In “The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes" photo expo visitors can see images of breathtaking
landscapes, wonderful mammals, rare birds and reptiles, beautiful flowers and elusive insects. One of
the highlights is the picture of wild horses Tarpans which were resettled again in the Eastern
Rhodopes in 2011 by New Thracian Gold project.
The nature of the Eastern Rhodopes is one the richest and best preserved in Europe: its flora includes
1962 plant and its fauna 4329 animal species. Eight famous Natura 2000 sites cover the best nature
hotspots in the Eastern Rhodopes. This region is the only breeding location for the Griffon Vulture in
Bulgaria and the most important breeding area for the globally threatened Egyptian vulture in the
Balkan peninsula. The area is one of the best strongholds for the wolf, jackal and the otter in Bulgaria.
The Brown Bear started to recolonize the mountain in recent years. The intention of the exhibition is
to show the beauty of those wild wonders to a wide audience, to bring nature into people’s heart.
A selection of the photos in the exhibition is included in the recently released Crossbill
to the Eastern Rhodopes for nature lovers, birdwatchers and eco-tourists.
The exhibition is included in the Orange Bike Tour on 26 April in Sofia. This is the end point of the
tour organized for first time in the Bulgarian capital.
“The wild world of the Eastern Rhodopes” is organized in cooperation with Crossbill Guides
Foundation and Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation with the media partnership of Vesti.bg. The
exhibition supports the initiative Sofia – European Capital of Culture 2019.
After Sofia “The wild world of the Eastern Rhodopes” expo will be exhibited in the Regional Historical
Museum in Kardzhali (17 – 31 May) and later on in Plovdiv, Burgas, Blagoevgrad, Bansko, Kaliakra
and etc.
More about New Thracian Gold
New Thracian Gold is a five-year project (2009-2014) for the sustainable development of the Eastern
Rhodopes. Dutch and Bulgarian experts cooperate on ecotourism, sustainable development,
biodiversity/wildlife, organic farming, PR/communication work. The team is supported by two Dutch
foundations – ARK, with experience in nature conservation and Avalon, specializing in organic
farming. The project is financed by Dutch Postcode Lottery, the biggest charity lottery in the
New Thracian Gold is a unique project with an integrated approach combining the work on three
components: wildlife, organic farming and ecotourism.
See more on: www.newthraciangold.eu
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