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2nd November 2006
Typhoon status
The Cimaron typhoon is forecasted to move slowly to the westward with its speed of 5 km per
hour within next 24 to 48 hours.
Due to the impact of strengthened cold front, the monsoon is at Beaufort scale 6,7, gusting
above Beauport scale 7 and sea is rough formidably in the Northern Gulf.
Preparedness for typhoon No. 7
The urgent telegraph dated 1st November 2006 by the Prime Minister was sent to CCFSC, the
National Committee of Search & Rescue, Ministries, sectors, People Committee of
provinces/cities, the General Tourism Office, VTV, VOV, and Vietnam Agency as well as
People Newspaper to ask them to be ready for response to the typhoon.
The Front Direction Committee led by Vice Prime Minister Mr. Truong Vinh Trong had a
meeting with PPC, CFSC and Search & Rescue of Thua Thien Hue, Quang Tri, Quang Binh,
Quang Ngai and Quang Nam provinces to discuss on preparedness for typhoon no. 7.
The Diplomatic Note by Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to regional countries with a request of
allowance for Vietnamese fishermen sheltering in their waters was accepted.
The urgent telegraph dated 1st November 2006 by CCFSC was delivered to CFSC of the
coastal provinces/cities requesting them to warn dangerous sea areas and inform ship owners
and fishermen of being permitted to shelter in regional countries’ waters.
Minister of Fisheries Ministry presided a meeting with the authorities of provinces from Quang
Ninh to Thanh Hoa in collaboration with CCFSC to confirm boats and ships not yet arrived to
the shelters or be communicated.
By lessons learnt from the typhoon No. 6, provinces actively made response plans incase of
typhoon occurrence. Typhoon warning, calling for ships and boats offshore to the shelters,
reinforcing houses as well as other works are conducted with many efforts.
As of the 2nd October 2006, 47,099 ships and boats with total of 234,936 people were called for
to safe shelters, 07 ships with 89 people sheltering in Hoang Sa islands and 01 ship with 11
people in Taiwan island area have been kept contact continuously.
The Government has directed relevant institutions to continuously monitor the track of
Cimaron typhoon to forecast and warn timely; keep contact with ships and boats, especially the
ship sheltering in Taiwan island area and ones in the dangerous area in the North of Hoang Sa
(Source: CCFSC)
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